Why did fans criticize Sharon Stone for her photo without makeup? She’s still 63 years old.

Not all celebrities are comfortable with their aging . Some people hide behind good makeup, some use the services of plastic surgeons, and some completely accept themselves and their age, as Sharon Stone does. The actress is already 63 years old , but she does not try to look 20. At one time she was called one of the most beautiful women on the planet. The star has accepted her age and even calmly shows her real self in photos on Instagram. What Sharon Stone looks like now without makeup and unnecessary embellishment can be seen on her personal page on the Internet.

Sharon Stone without makeup and embellishment

Many people are sure that stars simply have to look beautiful and well-groomed. After all, this is their job. However, to be a star means to be famous, but still human. Famous actors, whose beauty and youth are captured in films, also grow old . Sometimes this is so hard to come to terms with. After all, we are used to the fact that in some film our idol is young and full of strength.

We remember Sharon Stone in the 1988 film Tears in the Rain. There the actress played the main role. When you rewatch the film, it’s hard to believe that now that girl from the screen is already 63 years old. Later, Sharon managed to play in many successful films : “Casino”, “Basic Instinct”, “Giant”, “Bobby”, “The Disaster Artist” and others. She was able to become a favorite not only among the male audience, because women also adore her for her talent and charm.

It turns out that it was not so easy for Sharon Stone to accept the idea that time cannot be stopped . When the actress’s appearance began to change with age, she could not come to terms with it. So, Sharon says that one day she even locked herself in the bathroom and decided not to leave there until she completely accepted herself as she was: with wrinkles, gray hair, and so on. Apparently, the actress managed to accept herself. Because now she doesn’t hesitate to publish photos without makeup, in ordinary home clothes, in a swimsuit, even though Sharon’s figure is no longer the same as it was 30-40 years ago.

Fans’ reaction to Sharon Stone’s photo

Women who do not lose their naturalness with age command respect. After all, aging gracefully and with dignity is also a kind of talent. Many fans appreciate the fact that Sharon Stone is frank with them and shows herself without embellishment. She is honest and does not try to hide her age or her real face. It is worth noting that not all fans are sympathetic to the transience of time. Many were disappointed with the appearance of the actress. What can I say: obviously, it’s time for them to lock themselves in the bathroom to come to terms with the fact that time does not stand still.

Life doesn’t end at 63. Sharon Stone continues to delight the audience with her striking appearances. So, she recently shone on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival . The bright images of the actress will be remembered by fans for a long time.

Do you like actress Sharon Stone? Do you think she looks her age now?