Why Brad Pitt thinks Angelina Jolie is using their children.

In case anyone has forgotten, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still trying to sort things out. And this is already two years after the divorce. The couple still cannot share the children, and therefore constantly meets in court. And in the media they throw a lot of dirt at each other in order to gain an advantage. So the other day, Pitt said that Angelina Jolie uses children to create a beautiful public image for herself.

Just recently it seemed that their confrontation was about to end. Judge John Udenkirk ruled in favor of joint custody of the children, which is what Pitt sought. However, Jolie managed to get the judge removed, allegedly he was a friend of Brad and specifically ruled in his favor. Therefore, with Udenkirk’s disqualification, his decision was also annulled.

The actor, naturally, did not give up and filed an appeal, which the court rejected on October 27. That is why now we are waiting for another round of conflict between former spouses. And it seems that Pitt made the first move with his statement.

The fact is that Jolie is now traveling around the world as part of the Eternals promotional tour. And on all the red carpets she appears surrounded by her children. This was the reason for Brad, who said that Angelina Jolie uses children to create a positive image of the mother in the eyes of judges.

Sources close to the actor claim that Pitt is literally furious over the latest events. In many ways, the point is that the actor never liked to flaunt his personal life. And what Angelina is doing now is very different from his ideas about how to handle private life.

Of course, people around Angelina dismiss any accusations against the actress. The main argument was that the children of Pitt and Jolie are strong independent individuals. And it would be difficult to force them to do something they don’t want to do. But it cannot be denied that the latest appearances of Angelina and the children turned out to be very loud.

Frankly, there is a suspicion that this story will never end. As a result, one of the spouses will still be dissatisfied and will continue to stick to their line. But if Pitt and Jolie finally went to peace… But for now it seems that this is simply impossible.

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