Who is Victoria and David Beckham’s grown-up daughter more like?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 46-year-old Victoria Beckham published a new video of her 9-year-old daughter Harper . The main favorite of the star family touchingly congratulated “girls from different parts of the world” on the spring holiday. Netizens were literally showered with compliments from her kind words. Many note that the youngest of the Beckhams has matured and blossomed greatly.

Victoria Beckham posted a new video of her daughter Harper

In the short video, the baby appeared in a long blue floral dress with a pink collar. Her hair was neatly braided into two braids, and she chose discreet gold earrings for jewelry. “Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the day we celebrate girls around the world ,” Harper says in the video.

“How smart and beautiful she is! “Everything like mommy,” “Charming baby,” “This smile melted my heart ,” admire Victoria’s subscribers. Also, many were touched by the girl’s accent, similar to her mother’s. “New peppercorn ,” fans write.

Moreover, the head of the star family and the eldest son of the couple joined in the congratulations. According to David and Brooklyn, throughout their lives they have been surrounded by strong and beautiful women, which they are incredibly happy about. And the guys confirm their words with a joint photo of Victoria and Harper.


Let us remember that Harper Seven is the youngest and only daughter of David and Victoria. This summer the baby will celebrate her 10th birthday. She is famous for her kind and cheerful personality and infectious smile. Despite her young age, the girl is popular on the Internet. By the way, she is considered the pioneer of the era of baby influencers.

Sheer charm. Little Harper knows how to lighten the mood and make the hearts of the audience flutter. Follows the example of star parents , no less. Who do you think the smiling Beckham youngest looks more like: mom or dad? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments!

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