Who are the child stars of the movie “Home Alone” 30 years later? No one has achieved worldwide fame.

Few people knew that in the film “Home Alone” the annoying bespectacled man with incontinence was played by Macaulay Culkin’s real-life brother . Kiran’s role was “knocked out” by his father: Culkin Sr. tried to push as many of his offspring into films with Macaulay’s participation. It’s funny that at the same time, the would-be father tyrannized Kiran much less than his eldest. The man seriously considered his youngest son to be stupid. But it was not there!

Taking advantage of the fact that all his father’s attention was focused on Macaulay, Kieran managed to quietly leave his parent and build his own, quite successful career. The guy got his first leading role back in the 90s. Culkin Jr.’s recent notable roles include Ry Gerhardt in the TV series Fargo and Roman Roy in the TV series Descendants. In his personal life, Kieran also turned out to be luckier than Macaulay. The 38-year-old actor is happily married and has a daughter.

In Home Alone, Hillary played the capricious sister Megan . But in reality, no one would call Wulf whimsical! Acting for Hillary was just a hobby, albeit a successful one. The girl seriously wanted to build a successful sports career! Stubborn Wulf became the world junior judo champion in 1994. And in 1996 and 2000, Hillary even defended the honor of the United States as a member of the American Olympic judo team!

At the beginning of the 2000s, Wulf ended her sports career. Today, the 43-year-old woman works as a judo coach, which she is quite happy with. Nobody invites Hillary to the movies. However, Wulf herself is also not eager to go on the set again. After appearing on the screens in the film Home Alone 2, the athlete did not act anywhere else. Her acting career is a thing of the past.

Angela Goethals

Angela began her film career 2 years before filming Home Alone. The role of sister Linny did not become a star for the girl. Angela’s hour came later, after roles in the film “Jerry Maguire” and the well-known TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.” However, by the end of the 2000s, Goethals realized that she was not destined to gain worldwide popularity as an actress.

However, by that time Angela was no longer striving for fame. In 2005, the woman got married. Later, the couple had a daughter, whom Angela and her husband doted on. Today, the 43-year-old actress has not acted in films for a long time. But Goethals did not give up her acting path. The woman exchanged the film set for the theater stage and became an accomplished theater actress .

Michael Maronna

To this day, the role of the red-haired brother Kevin remains the most famous in the filmography of Michael Maronna. The 43-year-old actor is still trying to find a place for himself in the film industry. But even in the nineties and zeros, the guy was only offered roles in commercials and music videos. And since 2004, Maronna completely changed his role, retraining from an actor to a lighting technician!

Be that as it may, Michael recently appeared on the silver screen again. In 2019, Maronna got a role in the latest film directed by Paul Mantell. Alas, Mantell’s film turned out to be frankly passable, and Michael’s efforts were in vain. But Maronna does not despair and believes that his starring role is still ahead.

Christine Minter

In the film Home Alone, Christine played Heather, the eldest of the McCallister children. Minter looked very natural in the role of Heather, despite the fact that the actress herself was already 25 years old by that time! In 2020, Christine celebrated her 55th birthday . Over the course of her long and successful career, Minter managed to be not only an actress, but also a model and even a film producer.

Kristin continues to act a lot and fruitfully. In 2021, two films with her participation will be released at once! But Minter never achieved great fame. The public remembers her exclusively as a supporting actress . The woman herself, however, is not particularly worried about this. Kristin is happy with her career and being in demand in films.

Devin Ratray

The aforementioned Christine Minter managed to play a young student at the age of 25. But for Devin the situation was completely opposite. At the time of filming the film “Home Alone” the guy was only 13 years old. But Buzz , Ratray’s character, could easily be given all 16, if not 18! Devin’s character was remembered by the public, but Ratray never became a star. The young actor appeared in a huge number of bright projects, but always played supporting roles.

Devin could be seen in the films “Little Monsters” and “Side Effect”, the TV series “Law & Order” and “Supernatural”. Ratray is not only an actor, but also a musician. The group, where the artist works as a vocalist, often performs in New York. But journalists don’t like Devin. Ratray is one of the few American actors about whose novels the public knows nothing. The paparazzi only managed to find out that the 43-year-old actor was single.

As you can see, none of the artists who starred in Home Alone became a star – except, of course, Macaulay Culkin. And he later regretted his popularity. However, the good news is that most of the actors from “Home Alone” have achieved success in life one way or another!