Which beauties captured the heart of the talented Matthew Perry.

Matthew Perry’s relationships_have_always been a favorite_topic for_journalists. Chandler, Matthew’s_character in Friends, had quite a few girlfriends, and the actor tried to keep up with him. Alas, with all the love of handsome Perry, the man never found that one and only life partner. Moreover, Matthew has never even been married! The actor himself admitted that he would like to start a family and have heirs. Alas, fate had other plans for the star.

Matthew Perry Relationships: A Troubled Heart

Loud novels

Matthew Perry’s relationships have never been considered a taboo topic. The actor himself did not see anything reprehensible in their discussion. Moreover, in his autobiographical book “Friends, Lovers and a Big Creepy Thing,” the man himself freely told the world about most of his high-profile novels.

So, for example, the first of Matthew’s star lovers was Jennifer Aniston . Note that Perry fell in love with Aniston even before filming “Friends”! Alas, for Jennifer Matthew remained only a friend. The actress fought off her persistent boyfriend over and over again. And then Brad Pitt appeared in Aniston’s life, and Perry finally realized that there was nothing to catch here.

Star couple

In 1995, Julia_Roberts_herself_starred_in_one of the episodes of Friends . The celebrity did not hide the fact that she came to the show only thanks to the charismatic Chandler. The artist used all his charm and eventually became Julia’s official boyfriend. Alas, the relationship_between_Matthew Perry and Julia Roberts lasted only 3 months .

The initiator of the split in their couple was Matthew himself. But a few years later, the man admitted: he did this because he was sure that Julia was only in the mood for a small adventure. Perry understood that he was beginning to fall in love seriously, so he chose to be the first to break off the relationship.

Adventures of a Bachelor

After Julia, Matthew went all out . The actor’s girlfriends were mostly fellow artists from popular TV series of that time. The star of “Baywatch” Yasmin Blyth, the beautiful Neve Campbell from “Three_to_Tango”, Maeve_Quinlan from the show “The Brave and the Beautiful”… But none of these beauties stayed long in Matthew’s heart.

Serious attempts

The first person Perry really tried to be a caring and devoted life partner with was volleyball_player_Rachel Dunn. Her relationship with Matthew lasted_two_years. After Rachel, Perry dated_actress_Lizzy_Caplan for six years. Alas, Matthew’s attempts to change invariably ended in fiasco.

Finish line

The last in a long line of official life partners of the actor was a certain literary manager Molly Hurwitz. Perry dated Molly for three years and even_managed to call the girl to the altar . Unfortunately, at that time Matthew’s addiction problems resurfaced and the couple’s relationship fell apart. But Molly, unlike_Lizzy Caplan, retained warm memories of Perry. They also say that in the last days before his abrupt death, Matthew_Perry_began_dating again. But even the actor’s close_friends don’t know who his last lover was…