Which actress did Jason Momoa have an affair with a couple of months after his divorce?

The divorce of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet became a real sensation. One of the strongest celebrity couples broke up completely unexpectedly. Although, of course, how do we know what really happened in their family over the past months. However, the paparazzi already have a fresh topic for speculation – a new novel by Jason Momoa. It seems that the actor did not intend to remain single for long.

Several sources report that the actor began an affair with 32-year-old Eiza Gonzalez. Although some argue that for now the actors simply spend a lot of time together, but without a romantic relationship. Considering the Mexican woman’s track record, it’s hard to believe.

At different times, Gonzalez managed to have affairs with Liam Hemsworth, Cristiano Ronaldo and Timothée Chalamet. The Mexican actress and singer is known not only for her incredible beauty; in recent years, her Hollywood career has taken off sharply.

The actress managed to star in several major blockbusters, the latest of which was Michael Bay’s new action movie ER. By the way, Momoa also came to the premiere of the film, although he did not take part in the filming. Then many wondered what the actor was doing there. Now the answer seems obvious.

Although there are several more versions of what is happening. Some journalists suggested that Jason and Asa were preparing together for some still secret project. But this hypothesis does not look very realistic. In addition, some claim that the actors have been in a romantic relationship for several months.

However, these rumors should be treated with skepticism for now. After all, back in March, the media trumpeted Momoa’s romance with Kate Beckinsale, after he flirted with her at the Oscars. Then the actor gave the actress his jacket. And later he explained that he was just trying to be a gentleman.

Jason Momoa’s new novel is still a big question mark. Even if he really has an affair with Eiza Gonzalez, one should not rejoice ahead of time, because the actress has not yet been particularly constancy. But following their relationship can be quite interesting.

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