When old age is a joy: 48-year-old Charlize Theron sharply besieged the haters.

The actress is tired of constant criticism directed at her.

Charlize Theron looks great. However, evil tongues claim that she allegedly had plastic surgery, and it was unsuccessful. Recently, the artist put all her ill-wishers in their place.

According to the film star, she accepts herself as she is. And the star criticizes modern standards of beauty for women who, unlike men, do not seem to know how to age gracefully.

“I despise this concept and want to fight it. But at the same time, I think every woman wants to age in a way that suits her best. I think we all need to show a little more empathy,” the actress said.

Charlize Theron complained that people often criticize her appearance, suspecting that she was the victim of a botched operation. In fact, the actress told Allure magazine , she is simply getting older and her face is changing. The mother of two children is not shy about this, calmly relating to changes in appearance.