What the talented and beautiful Demi Moore went through.

On November 11, American actress Demi Moore celebrated her 61st birthday. In honor of this date, our editors decided to remember what the ex-wife of Bruce Willis had to go through . By the way, this story involved both a problematic childhood and the infidelity of one of the husbands. Details, as always, in the next few minutes.

Demi Moore 61

It would seem that Demi Moore is already 61 years old. She is a happy mother of three girls, a successful actress, model and even a songwriter. But few people realize what is hidden behind the beautiful picture of the Hollywood star. For example, some facts from her biography can terrify even an experienced Internet user.

Perhaps we should start with the childhood of Demetria Jean Gaines. This is the name the future celebrity bore before her first marriage. But the girl did not grow up in the most prosperous family. The father abandoned him and his mother two months before the birth of the child. Demi Moore learned that she was being raised by her stepfather only years later. As for the mother, she knew no other happiness than to quench all her troubles in a glass of strong drink.

Price: 500 dollars

Moreover, for the next bottle the immoral parent was even ready to use her own daughter. So, in her memoirs, the actress recalled how her mother regularly took her to clubs. The girl’s role was simple. Her beauty, already in her youth, was in demand among men who were ready to give any money just to have fun with a young girl.

True, the worst was yet to come. One day, Demi’s mother literally sold her night with her daughter to a friend. The price for having fun with a 15-year-old girl was only $500. This is how much the woman appreciated the beauty of the heiress. “I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 16 years old,” the now famous brunette would later say. Then she dropped out of school and went into the modeling business.

Having become an adult, Demi met rock musician Freddie Moore. It is from him that she will get the surname that is more familiar to all of us. And, perhaps, this can be called the only plus of five years of marriage. She was lucky enough to meet Bruce Willis just two years after the divorce. It was in alliance with Die Hard that she would give birth to three daughters, firmly stand on her feet as an actress and be able to boast of popularity.

Marriage to an abuser and “nervous exhaustion”

Alas, few could have imagined that Demi’s next marriage would become almost the darkest page in her life. The celebrity was married to Ashton Kutcher from 2005 to 2013. And, interestingly, the problems began from the very beginning of their relationship in 2003. Having lost a child during pregnancy, the actress tried to look for ways to treat infertility. But it was all in vain.

Later, in her memoirs, the Hollywood star admits that she did not receive support from Kutcher either. The latter, by the way, seemed to be trying with all his might to make things worse. The man gave his chosen one some intoxicating drinks, cheated on her daughters with her friends, and even assured her that the actress was completely undesirable in bed.

In the end, Demi Moore was able to leave the abuser and traitor. But at what cost… She had to give up acting for several years. And at some point she even ended up in the hospital with a diagnosis of nervous exhaustion. Since then, the celebrity has not married and devotes herself to children and her recently born granddaughter. The model also does not forget about Willis, who suffers from dementia. In order to find female happiness, Demi tries not to think about it.