What Sophie Marceau, the main star of the French film “Boom” looks like today.

The embodiment of femininity, an icon of beauty, style and charm. This is exactly how they always speak about the main star of French cinema. Of course, we are talking about Sophie Marceau. You will learn with us in the next few minutes about what the actress is doing today and what she looks like at 56.

Sophie Marceau

French cinema lovers know very well what a beauty Sophie Marceau was at the beginning of her career. What can we say, the roles of Vic Bereton in the film “Boom” and Valentin Ezquerra in the comedy melodrama “Student” brought incredible fame to the young actress. And, of course, the Parisian’s talent could not go unnoticed.

Today she is known as a screenwriter, film director and even a writer. Moreover, Marceau tried her hand as a singer. At the same time, the celebrity has several cinematic awards under his belt. Perhaps this is not surprising. After all, many who managed to work with the French beauty could not help but notice the sensuality and dedication with which she shines on the screen.

What can we say, many men bowed before Sophie’s beauty. True, she never managed to build a strong relationship with anyone. However, Marceau is raising two children from different relationships. So, in his marriage to Andrzej Zulawski, a son, Vincent, was born. But daughter Julienne was born after the actress had an affair with producer Jim Lemley. At the moment, the celebrity is not dating anyone, although she is clearly ready to give a head start to younger girls.

Still shining and supporting local producers

At the same time, interestingly, the actress does not intend to disappear from the radars of her fans. Thus, the French film star has devoted herself to painting and swimming in recent years. Moreover, the Parisian also collaborates with several brands as an ambassador. But more importantly, it supports little-known food producers in the local market.

For example, on August 9, Sophie posted a video message on her blog on the social network Instagram , recorded during the actress’s vacation in the province of Périgord. In the frame, the cinema star appeared in a white T-shirt and sunglasses. The backdrop was the enchanting French countryside.

However, Marceau’s appeal itself is more important, isn’t it? You see, the actress urged to buy walnuts only from local producers. According to Sophie, they do not use pesticides, and the harvest itself, year after year, cannot but delight nut lovers. Many Internet users supported their idol by leaving appropriate comments.