What Madonna’s eldest son looks like: “That moment when your mother’s boyfriend looks younger than you”

Pop diva Madonna is a mother of many children. The press follows not only her public appearances and personal life, but also her children. So, unexpectedly for everyone, Madonna’s 20-year-old son Rocco appeared before the public. Previously, he diligently hid in the shadow of his star mom and dad (his father is director Guy Ritchie). While his younger brother David actively appeared on social networks and paraded in dresses , Rocco kept a low profile. Therefore, now his appearance has become a notable event. True, not everyone recognized the guy . We’ll tell you why further.

Madonna’s son Rocco starred in an atmospheric photo shoot

Rocco wasn’t left out of the limelight when Madonna and Guy Ritchie had their high-profile divorce a few years ago. After that, they somehow stopped remembering the guy much. In general, not much is known about him, because Rocco does not maintain Instagram, and his famous mother posts more photos with her younger children. We only know that he is currently studying design at Central Saint Martins College of Art.

But now his photo shoot has created a real sensation . Rocco starred in a special retro photo shoot for the men’s glossy magazine The Rake, stylized in the 40s and 50s. Perhaps the choice was influenced by the aesthetics of his father’s films. Guy Ritchie’s film heroes are often British hooligans of those times.

The public’s attention was undoubtedly attracted by the image in which Rocco was photographed. For the photo shoot, he chose a beige striped suit with a cropped jacket and wide trousers. This is a non-standard solution for modern youth. But it was precisely this special message that the guy and his friends put into the photo shoot.

Rocco shows off the most elegant clothes you can buy. But young people, unfortunately, do not want to spend money on it. Rocco and his friends convey a special message through their sophisticated style: they advocate a countercultural movement from fast fashion to classic codes.

What struck users most

Undoubtedly, many appreciated the photo shoot and Rocco Ritchie’s image for it. “His appearance type fits exactly that era. Faced like dad, tall like mom,” “He looks like a young Richard Burton. He has great hair. Lucky!”, “I really like this shoot: cool personal style , vintage”, “Nice guy. Paving the way for a revolution in clothing, not slouching around in sweatpants! Handsome ,” Rocco is praised online.

But, of course, so many people, so many opinions. Therefore, many did not appreciate the photo shoot of the guy and his friends, noticing that Rocco looked much older than his age. “The young man has a worn-out face, all 45 years are reflected”, “He came from the last century”, “That moment when your mother’s boyfriend looks younger than you.” Even at a younger age, Rocco looked a little older than his peers . It’s all about high cheekbones and a strong gaze. But no matter what anyone says, the style of the photo shoot suits the guy so well.

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