What happened to the stars of the cult TV series “Friends”.

After the death of Matthew Perry , the curse of the series “Friends” again became a burning topic of discussion. People first started talking about this curse a few years after the end of the sitcom. You see, almost every actor who became famous thanks to “Friends” never became a global star. So the public decided that someone’s curse was to blame. And she even identified the most likely candidate for evil sorcerers!

The curse of the series “Friends”: what happened to the stars of the cult sitcom

Jennifer Aniston

It is Jen who is considered by occult-minded Friends fans to be the witch behind the curse. And for good reason, because Aniston is the only one of the six celebrities who managed to grab true success by the tail. The nineteen years that passed after the series were enough for Jennifer to become a star of the first magnitude. But in fairness, it is worth noting that the beauty has not forgotten her colleagues in the series!

Matthew Perry

Matthew, who brilliantly played the role of the handsome and witty Chandler, left for a better world on October 28, 2023. Perry’s career began to decline immediately after the sitcom’s cancellation. It subsequently became known that Perry had been battling addiction for many years. Alas, the actor never managed to return to the heights of fame.

Courteney Cox

Courtney’s career, like our world as imagined by medieval scholars, stands on three pillars. The first of these whales was “Friends”. The second is the Scream series of films, where Madame Cox invariably plays the main role. The third is the series “Cougar Town,” for which Courtney received a well-deserved Golden Globe. Yes, many expected much more from the star of Friends, but the actress is happy with this.

Lisa Kudrow

The performer of the role of Phoebe has firmly established herself in Hollywood as an experienced and honored supporting actress. Lisa hasn’t had success at the level of “Friends” for a long time, and there’s no chance of breaking into the first division either. Nevertheless, Kudrow is not discouraged: at least she will definitely be provided with work until the end of her days.

Matt LeBlanc

Lovelace Joey, played by Matt, was so popular that after the finale of Friends he even got his own series! True, this show only lasted two seasons. Alas, the last significant project, in the creation of which Leblanc participated, happened already in 2011. Since then, the former star has been playing random roles.

David Schwimmer

For David, the curse of the series “Friends” turned out to be not so terrible. Yes, the actor who played Ross no longer received such prominent roles. But Schwimmer has nothing good to complain about. There are practically no spectacular films in David’s filmography, but there are plenty of interesting images, and the actor is offered leading roles with enviable consistency!

As you can see, the curse of the TV series Friends is unlikely to exist in nature. On the contrary, the current state of affairs can be called quite natural. Few actors are able to rise to the top of success over and over again. And, unfortunately, not every artist is able to move on in peace with the understanding that his finest hour is behind him…