What does the daughter of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper look like, choosing her own outfits?

The star_couple Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk had many_fans. Even after their_separation, they are not at all deprived of attention. Celebrities were able to maintain warm relationships . They act like old friends every time they meet, and many insiders say they are a team. After all, there is something for which they need to do this. Bradley and Irina have a wonderful daughter, four-year-old Leah Cooper Shayk. The little princess, despite the separation of her parents, communicates a lot with both mom and dad. And her incredible outfits are a separate form of art.

Leah Cooper Shayk – New York’s little star

Baby Leia often appears in public either in the company of her mother or her father, and sometimes with both of them. That’s when the paparazzi have a lot of work.

Famous supermodel_and_actress Irina Shayk says that her daughter is a real fashionista . It’s interesting that at four years old, Leia chooses almost all her outfits on her own. And she does it very well!

Leah Cooper looks like a princess in many of her outfits . All these cute ruffles, pink tones, sparkles and bows are so pleasing to the eye. Indeed, it seems that this is exactly what a four-year-old girl should look like.

Especially cute Leah on walks with her father. The relationship between father and daughter is a separate issue altogether, because it is so special and warm. For Bradley Cooper, raising_his_daughter is a priority . Together with Irina Shayk, they equally share parental responsibilities.

Irina, as insiders say, is a very caring mother . And although she rarely publishes photos with her daughter and generally rarely talks about past relationships and the child, people from the model’s inner circle know that she will do everything for baby Leah.

Leia knows how to create both real princess looks and more formal looks.

She was also spotted wearing casual outfits on some outings.

And this image of the daughter of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk was remembered by everyone for a long time.

Does little Leia look like a princess to you? Do you like the girl’s outfits?

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