Vincent Cassel turned 57 years old. How does the actor charm beautiful ladies?

The life of Vincent Cassel cannot but surprise not only the loyal fans of the French heartthrob , but also those who do not admire him at all. So, for example, the man had no intention of becoming an actor. And he managed to win the hand of Monica Bellucci only on the third attempt. What is hidden behind the charismatic appearance of the 57-year-old star and why the marriage with the sultry Italian woman ultimately collapsed, you will find out in our material in the next few minutes.

The life of Vincent Cassel

The life of Vincent Cassel begins in Paris on November 23, 1966. The future star of world cinema became the eldest son in the family of journalist Sabine Liticier and actor Jean-Pierre Cassel. However, this marriage did not last long. Moreover, after the divorce, Sabine took her two sons to New York. It was here, far from his homeland, that Vincent and his brother decided to connect their lives with art.

Interestingly, the guys did not want to follow in their father’s footsteps into the world of cinema. However, their childhood, spent actually behind the scenes, has already set them up for artistry. The era in which future celebrities were brought up also played a significant role. The birth of hip-hop, gangsta culture, in a word, the dashing eighties. As a result, Vincent ended up in a circus school.

Only after returning to Paris did Cassel decide to enroll in the acting courses of Jean-Louis Barrault. Here he met like-minded people – rebels just like himself. Having cut his teeth in his teacher’s plays, already in the nineties the actor switched to the world of cinema. At the same time, interestingly, the coveted glory was not long in coming. With the release of the film “Hate” in 1995, the man began to be recognized on the street. Invitations to successful projects appeared. In general, Vincent Cassel’s life was in full swing.

First marriage to a sultry Italian woman

The actor’s first marriage also loomed on the horizon. So, as you know, on the set of the film “Apartment” he met Monica Bellucci. Only a blind man could resist the sultry Italian woman. But winning the beauty’s heart turned out to be not so easy. The thing is that Monica already had a marriage behind her with photographer Claudio Carlos Basso. And the celebrity was clearly not going to step on the same rake again.

Everything changed due to an accident involving Kassel , in which miraculously there were no serious consequences. And either Bellucci changed her mind, or her heart thawed out of pity for the young man, but Vincent finally heard the cherished “yes”. True, celebrity relationships can hardly be called ideal. Both actors were in demand and saw each other in rare breaks between filming. Nevertheless, in this marriage Virgo was born, and soon Leonie.

True, when the youngest heiress of the stars was barely three years old, the couple decided to divorce. “It has always been a priority for both of us to be together. Although we sometimes lived apart. Monica is in Rome, I am in Paris… But we knew that we would always find ourselves where we needed each other. As long as we are needed, we really need each other. And at some point it became clear: there was no longer any need to be together and be considered a couple. And then it’s better not to be considered a couple anymore,” Vincent explained his divorce.

Second youth next to a new wife

Having become a bachelor again, the actor decided to enjoy his second youth. One-day affairs began with one or the other girlfriend. There was no end to the latter. And who knows how long this would last. But two years after the divorce, Cassel met Tina Kunaki on the beach of Ibiza. A stunning model, 30 years younger than himself, and yet a kindred spirit. At least, Vincent himself thought so.


Their relationship developed rapidly. And soon the man proposed marriage to his chosen one. The wedding took place, Amazon’s daughter was born, and Kassel himself seemed to be getting younger next to his new wife. But not even five years have passed, when Vincent suddenly decides to delete all the photos with Tina from his blog. Like, she cheated on her husband, so it’s not an eyesore now.

Copy of Kunaki

Not intending to enjoy being alone, 28-year-old model Malika Lubeck soon burst into Vincent Cassel’s life. Alas, the new passion disappeared from his field of vision as quickly as she ended up in the man’s bed. The French heartthrob’s plans already included Australian Nara Baptista. And, quite possibly, things are getting more serious here. After all, the celebrity is even ready to devote space to a dark-skinned beauty on her blog .

Whether we should really wait for Kassel’s third wedding cannot be said with certainty. And fans of the actor do not reject the man’s reunion with Kunaki. The similarity between the Australian woman and the French woman suggests such thoughts. But is Vincent really unable to forget his second wife? Or maybe this is just a coincidence?