«Too weathered and old for Ken»։ after his role in the movie «Barbie», Ryan Gosling was criticized because of age

He looks old for the forever youthful plastic character at the age of 42!😬🙄Critics pointed out Ryan’s wrinkles and argued that he was not at all suitable for this role🤔😱

Unexpectedly, Ryan Gosling was criticized after his popular role as Ken in the movie «Barbie» There were many Internet users who were sure that Gosling, at the age of 42, was too old for an eternally young character.

Critics noticed his wrinkles, and therefore confidently said that he looked old and was not at all suitable for such a role. Many claimed that instead of him there could have been much more attractive actors such as Henry Cavill or Chris Evans.

Gosling responded to these discussions during an interview with GQ. He confidently told everyone that if people are not interested in his role in this character, then they can choose many other versions.

Gosling was surprised that people began to discuss his character, who was in the background. He thinks it’s strange that people are interested in his character because before people didn’t even think about Ken. However, according to him, Ken is the kind of character you can talk about for a long time․

Despite many negative opinions, Gosling says that he has some kind of attachment with the character of Ken. He always says with humor that he began to care about him. Gosling is confident that he was a great representative of Ken.

Gosling has firmly declared that he is the right actor to play Ken and is proud to have him in the film. In a previous interview, he explained the reason why he agreed to this role.

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