This Heroic Nurse & Single Mom Finds Love with a Royal Family Member: Details & Photos

A heroic nurse and single mother has recently been thrust into the spotlight because of the high-profile gentleman she has found love with. Aside from dating a certain distinguished member of the royal family, she has accomplished impressive feats in her career and has managed to juggle it all while raising her child as a single mother.

Before this year’s Badminton Horse Trials took place, many might not have recognized or even heard of the name Harriet Sperling. However, not only has she been around for some time, but she has led quite a heroic life, acquitting herself as an outstanding nurse and single mom.

Harriet Sperling with Queen Camilla, her new royal boyfriend and his daughters at the Badminton Horse Trials in Badminton, Gloucestershire on May 12, 2024 | Source: Getty Images

The NHS pediatric nurse and freelance writer, who recently found love with a royal family member, is part of a medical team that saved the life of a three-week-old baby whose health was in critical condition due to a mysterious fatal virus.

Back in 2010, Harriet and her team wasted no time working to save baby Phineas Cockerham, whose immune system was too premature to combat the illness alone.

He was transferred to Evelina Children’s Hospital in central London, where Harriet works, from Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, after he had been diagnosed with Type 3 Human Parecho Encephalitis.

“Just 20 minutes after receiving the call to collect Phineas, the retrieval team were on our way in an intensive care ambulance,” Harriet explained of the situation.

Thanks to the unwavering effort and dedication of Harriet and the 60-plus medical experts who treated him, the little boy was able to make a full recovery. Michael Cockerham, Phineas’ photographer dad, was so grateful to the heroic nurse and her team that he created a heartfelt tribute dedicated to them, taking photographs of each member, which was published in a book.

Given the fact that countless babies who are diagnosed with Type 3 Human Parecho Encephalitis, according to Michael, are typically “left brain damaged and with life-changing conditions,” the baby boy was “exceptionally lucky” to have survived.

“I never want to forget the people who fought to save my son,” expressed Michael who went on to become an ambassador for Evelina Children’s Hospital.

Not only is the Gloucestershire-based nurse a life-saver who is passionate about seeing children thrive, but she is also a loving and devoted single mother. In March she shared a bit of insight into the early years of raising her daughter.

Harriet divulged that although “resources were scarce, and the future was uncertain,” she “discovered the strength and life that comes from true selfless love,” which she devoted entirely to her child.

She also spoke about how the unique relationship between a single mom and her kid is often one that has been “forged in the fires of struggles and victories.”

A particularly interesting statement Harriet made during her discourse on single motherhood disclosed, “My daughter and I journeyed 10 years with only each other. I liken us to an island and it has often felt hard to imagine anyone joining that island.”

Though it was hard for her to imagine making room on her and her daughter’s island for anyone else, Harriet managed to do so with none other than the son of Princess Anne, Peter Phillips. The two lovebirds were first spotted together at the Badminton Horse Trials and fans had a lot to say about their debut.

Photos taken during the elite horse event, where the couple spent the past weekend, depicted Peter and Harriet strolling along hand-in-hand amid crowds of people. According to a news outlet, the duo rarely left each other’s side.

For the weekend-long occasion, the nurse, who is also a freelance writer, adorned a flowy pink dress that was decorated with floral and triangular patterns on Saturday. She completed her look with black shades and white tennis shoes. Her dashing beau opted for khaki shorts, a blue plaid T-shirt, trainers, a cap, and sunglasses.

Peter Phillips and his daughters, Savannah and Isla Phillips with Harriet Sperling during the final day of the Badminton Horse Trials in Badminton, Gloucestershire on May 12, 2024 | Source: Getty Images

Some activities the two got up to included watching cross-country horse riding, following which they left with Savannah and Isla Phillips—Peter’s daughters.

They also went to the Swish Gloucestershire event where Peter was seen spending a bit of time chatting with Queen Camilla on a different day during the weekend. Fans and onlookers alike who saw photos of the pair took to social media to wish them well.

“Good for Peter. Lucky woman!” praised one fan, while another gushed, “He’s a catch!” Others responded to the fact that Peter’s new romance with Harriet comes only one month after the end of his previous relationship with Lindsay Wallace—an oil tycoon—which lasted three years.

Lindsay Wallace and Peter Phillips on Day 5 of Royal Ascot in Ascot, England on June 18, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

A Facebooker directly referenced a news outlet’s headline which read, “Late Queen’s ‘favorite grandson’ Peter Phillips ‘dating an NHS nurse’ just weeks after split.” Defending Peter, they wrote, “Nothing wrong with him doing so. I wish him well.”

Similarly, another fan commented, “He is allowed to as life goes on love ❤️.” Mentioning Harriet, another admirer expressed, “Well lucky her, with that handsome man.”

Although the majority of people expressed their delight in seeing Peter happy with his new girlfriend, there was a comment that redirected the focus back to the recent scandals and challenges that the British royal family has found themselves dealing with. “So much drama with the Royal Family now,” stated a social media user.

From the aforementioned comment, it’s clear that while most celebrate Peter’s new connection, some may feel differently because of the timing. A month before going public with his new relationship, Gerard Franklin, a spokesman for the royal, confirmed Peter and Lindsay’s split, which he referred to as “a private matter.”

Prior to dating Lindsay, the eldest grandchild of the late Queen Elizabeth II was married to the mother of his two daughters, Autumn Kelly. They shared a total of 13 years of marriage before announcing their separation in 2020 and finalizing their divorce a year later in June 2021.

Fast forward to the present day and Peter appears to be absolutely smitten with his new partner, Harriet. Although it has not been confirmed whether Harriet has formally met the Queen, Princess Anne, or Peter’s stepdad, Sir Tim Laurence, news of the two making things official comes as a pleasant juxtaposition to the harrowing experiences and health challenges faced by the monarchy.