This Boy Said He’d Marry This Girl before Even Meeting – Now, They’re Solid Star Couple Who Survived Cheating Scandal

A young rising footballer saw a woman in a catsuit in a music video and knew he would marry her. 24 years later, the couple can attest that love at first sight exists. Despite being among the most famous couples, they stuck together even through a cheating scandal.

Finding love for someone with the spotlight revolving around them can be difficult. That said, this one couple was willing to do anything to make their relationship work despite the rumors that surrounded them.

We have all heard of love at first sight. While many doubt it’s existence, this rising football player saw a music video with a girl in a catsuit on television while hanging out with his friend. Without any hesitation, he proclaimed that she would be the girl he would marry.

It seemed like they were worlds apart when he saw the video in 1996. Fast forward to February 1997, they finally met when the mysterious girl attended a football game with one of her bandmates.

However, he could not muster up the courage to speak to her. One of his friends tried to help him and brought her over to him, but all the athlete could do was awkwardly introduce himself.

Nothing came out of their first encounter. He returned to Manchester but could not stop thinking about the opportunity he missed with her. “I was quite upset and gutted,” he confessed.

Fortunately, he was afforded another opportunity a week later when everyone in the locker room raved about how two of the bandmates were in the stadium, and the footballer only hoped that the person he was eager to redeem himself with was there.

Luckily, she was, and he did not let her go this time. The singer wrote her number on a plane ticket, and the Manchester United player called her the next day and drove down to London to meet her.

He was very nervous, but the singer had a different impression of the meet-up. Firstly, she did not know him because she did not follow football. But what she loved was how much he valued family.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in the United Kingdom in 1998 | Source: Getty Images

After that meet-up, the rest was history. The couple married in 1999 and welcomed their first child four months later. To this day, the football player still has the plane ticket she wrote her number on.

Although the two met later in life, they grew up only 15 minutes away from each other. Over two decades and four children later, both are proud to say that love at first sight does exist.

Surviving a Cheating Scandal
The couple in question, David and Victoria Beckham, have become one of the most famous couples. Despite the challenges of being under public scrutiny, they have stayed stronger together as a family.

One of the challenges of being in the public eye is ignoring some of the rumors that arise. However, one that became difficult not to speak about was when David was accused of having an affair with one of the assistants at his management company.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham in Nashville in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

When asked about it, Victoria admitted that it was a difficult time in her marriage, but she and David went through it together and came out stronger. The fashion designer also said she realized that “people had a price.”

According to reports, the woman was offered a large sum of money to tell the story. But even the cheating scandal did not break the couple. In fact, Victoria said their marriage has become even better with time because now they are solely concentrated on their lives together.