The Duchess without underwear: what fashionable exits Kate Middleton is still ashamed of.

Prince William’s wife deservedly bears the title of the ideal duchess. She is smart, sophisticated, full of energy and empathy, and most importantly, she honors tradition, thereby maintaining the prestige of the monarchy. In addition to her personal qualities, Katherine’s style is also popular. Aristocratic images of royalty serve as a source of inspiration for many. And the beauty herself is called the standard of impeccable taste. However, even style icons are not immune to mistakes. And today you will be convinced of this. We show Kate Middleton’s unsuccessful outfits , which fashion critics criticized to smithereens.

Kate Middleton’s bad outfits

Image of a kindergarten teacher

In 2017, the Duchess of Cambridge attended a charity event on the platform of London Paddington station. Then, for an important appearance, she chose not the best outfit – a dull pink dress with an infantile bow belt. Not only did it not suit her at all, but it also looked too childish. But most of all, the prince’s chosen one was criticized for the appliqué in the form of flowers, which, according to style experts, was “painful to look at . ”

Duchess without underwear

In 2019, Middleton became a victim of a fashion embarrassment. It’s all because of the tight green dress she wore during the final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Because of the chest dart, it seemed to many that the duchess went out without underwear. Well, they made a fuss then! We are sure that Kate’s stylist had a hard time after the photos were published online.

Curtain dresses

British brand Erdem is one of Catherine’s favorites. And this love is mutual. After all, they owe their sales and popularity to her. But sometimes the Duchess, not out of malice, does anti-advertising to the domestic brand, dressing in outfits that simply look terrible on her. One of these is the red, blue and white dress that Middleton chose in November 2015 for a gala dinner at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Then the press called the outfit “absolutely disgusting . ”

The same fate befell the yellow dress with a floral print that Kate wore to a dinner at the British Embassy in Stockholm in 2018. The outfit received the offensive nickname “curtains” among the people . It is not surprising that after this appearance, many fans advised the duchess to urgently change her stylist.

Outfits from the “wrong” designers

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge often make official visits to other countries. And this is not a vacation at all, as our readers might mistakenly assume, but a royal duty. This means that even in clothing the methods of diplomacy should be traced. That’s why Katherine often pays homage to her host country by wearing local designers.

Despite all the efforts of her fashion team, sometimes mistakes still happen. Particularly when it comes to the stylish intricacies of tiny island nations. One of these mistakes happened back in 2012, when Kate and William flew to the Solomon Islands. And everything would have been fine, but the prince’s chosen one was wearing a designer dress from a completely different archipelago – the Cook Islands. Unforgivable mistake!

And local fashion critics did not stand on ceremony with the look that the duchess wore during her trip to Mumbai in 2016. “What is this creepy red caftan in cucumbers? Why do these British people think that such outfits have even the slightest relation to our culture?” – asked angry style experts from India.

Inappropriate choice

One of the most inappropriate appearances of the Duchess happened in June 2012, when Elizabeth II celebrated the 60th anniversary of her coronation. Katherine appeared before the public in a bright red look. While the rest of the royal family chose outfits in calm, light colors so as not to distract attention from the hero of the occasion. Middleton’s scarlet dress, like a red rag to a bull, provoked attacks in her direction. Then the queen’s fans called Kate an “upstart” who “disrespects the monarch . ”

Duchess without curves

In 2019, Prince William’s wife attended a gala dinner at the Royal Albert Hall and became the main topic of discussion among fashion critics. The fact is that for a social evening, Catherine chose a dress with a very tight bodice, which literally “deprived” the duchess of her breasts. Needless to say, the outfit itself was dull and uninteresting?

Well, failures happen to everyone. And the royals were no exception. Fortunately, Katherine has many more spectacular exits than fashionable failures. Therefore, there is no point in judging the Duchess based on what was presented in today’s selection. No matter what anyone says, she deserves the title of style icon!