The daughter of the deceased Paul Walker got married: who walked her down the aisle.

Paul Walker was a bright and versatile actor, but he gained popularity only after starring in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Alas, the actor passed away in 2013 at the age of 40. You can still often find old photographs of him with his only daughter Meadow on the Internet. Who is no longer that little blue-eyed girl, but a real woman. And just recently Meadow Walker’s wedding took place.

The girl announced her imminent wedding back in August 2021. Her chosen one was actor Louis Thornton-Allan, and this came as a big surprise not only to fans, but even to the paparazzi. After all, no one knew about their romance, so attention to the couple increased significantly.

Only recently it became known that the lovers got married in early October on one of the coasts of the Dominican Republic. Nothing was known about the celebration, because it was a small family holiday, where only a few close friends were invited.

As Meadow later explained, the pandemic made its own adjustments and many guests simply could not come. But that didn’t make the day any worse. For the wedding, Paul Walker’s daughter chose an elegant Givenchy dress, complementing it with jewelry from Tiffany & Co. Naturally, it became the main decoration of the holiday.

But the main surprise took place at the ceremony itself. Many, already at the time of the wedding announcement, regretted that her father did not live to see this day. That’s why Meadow was walked down the aisle by her father’s best friend Vin Diesel, who played with Paul in “The Fast and the Furious.” Unfortunately, it is unknown whether the actor gave a speech with quotes from his character Dominic Torreto about how important family is.

“Your dad would be proud of you,” “How touching! I want to cry, remembering Paul!”, “Such a beautiful girl. It’s a great pity that Paul didn’t see this day,” “Father would have been happy to see you on this beautiful day, Meadow! Happiness to you and your husband!” , — for the most part, these are the comments that can now be found on Meadow’s page.

It’s truly a shame that Paul Walker didn’t live to see his daughter’s wedding. But we are always sorry when people die so early. One way or another, today is a day for joy, not sadness. So let’s just congratulate the bride.

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