Susan Sarandon was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told she would never be able to have kids. But years later, nearing 40, she got pregnant.

Mom of 3 and grandma of 3, Susan Sarandon, recently celebrated her 76th birthday.

The actress became a first-time mom at 39 and raised her baby lovingly despite everyone trying to dissuade her and calling her crazy.

She became a first-time grandma at 68 and put grandma duties first.

The “Pretty Baby” actress was by her daughter’s side when she divorced her husband while pregnant with their third baby.

Actress Susan Sarandon celebrated her 76th birthday on October 4 and could not be happier with the milestone. Unlike many actresses her age, she is excited about aging and says there is something about not giving up on life and remaining invisible.

Even with all she has achieved in her life, Sarandon is most grateful for her family. “The Stepmom” actress is a mother of three and has three adorable grandkids. She adores her family, who also congratulated her on her big day.

Susan Sarandon, Eva Amurri and family during "The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers" Premiere in New York City, New York, United States. | Source: Getty Images

Her son, Jack Henry Robbins, posted an emotional tribute to Sarandon, referring to her as Queen Bee. In the post, he noted how brave, committed, and caring she was and thanked her for being his mom.

Her daughter Eva Amurri posted a couple of photos of Sarandon on her Instagram stories, one of the actress with a crown on her head and the other of Sarandon holding a young Eva alongside the caption: “Love you, mom.”

Sarandon could not be prouder of her family, but it has taken her resilience to get where they are today. When she first got pregnant with her first child at 38, people called her crazy, and she only got through it by not listening to nay-sayers.

People Called Her Crazy for Getting Pregnant at 38
It had been years since Sarandon had left her 12-year marriage to Chris Sarandon. Sarandon retells how, when doing “The Hunger,” she got hospitalized. The doctors diagnosed her with endometriosis, breaking the sad news that she would never have children unless she underwent an operation.

Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri on January 18 1986 | Source: Getty Images

For years, she went off birth control since she had no one in her life with whom she wanted to have kids. But then, she went to Italy to do a movie on Mussolini with Anthony Hopkins, and while there, she started seeing this great Italian filmmaker, Franco Amurri. After going out for a while, she says:

“I was 38… I found myself pregnant. Everyone’s telling me, ‘You are crazy. You know your career is going so well, and you can’t have a baby now.’”

She barely knew Amurri, but she decided she would keep the baby. It did not matter whether or not Amurri wanted to be in their life, so she told him: “I’ve decided that I’m gonna have this baby.”

All she knew was that life had thrown her a chance to become a mom, and she would embrace it with all she had. The pair welcomed their daughter Eva in 1985 but unfortunately split up before they could walk down the aisle. The rest, she says, is history:

“I never had any regrets.”

In 1988, the “Arbitrage” actress met actor Tim Robbins on the set of “Bull Durham,” and they immediately hit it off. They welcomed their first child together, son Jack, in 1989, followed by their youngest, Miles, in 1992. The couple remained together, raising their blended family until they split up in 2009.

Today, the actress’ kids are all grown and look up to their mother, who has significantly impacted their lives. She also shares a special bond with her daughter, Eva.

Sarandon Was Ecstatic When She Became a Grandmother
Even with a flourishing career on the big screen, Sarandon has always prioritized family, and she was thrilled when she became a first-time grandma.

Eva, who was married to soccer player and NBC sportscaster Kyle Martino expected to have her baby around August 20, 2014, but she went into labor on August 9, 11 days earlier.

She immediately called her mom, who dropped everything — including a preplanned Burning Man festival in Nevada — to be by her daughter’s side.

Two years later, Eva made Sarandon a grandma for the second time after welcoming her second baby, son Major. Eva boasts of learning everything she knows about motherhood from her mother, adding:

“I think just being a working mom and showing me that you can be everything you want to be unapologetically and being an example for that, so I could see that as I kind of formulated my own method in parenting which was really helpful.”

The Actress Supported Her Daughter after She Got Divorced While Pregnant
Eva and Martino’s marriage appeared to be going well until they announced they split up after eight years. Sarandon had been aware that her daughter’s union was in trouble but supported her through the tough times.

Even more shocking was that Eva was pregnant with her third baby when they made the announcement. The couple announced that despite the spit, they would remain amicable and raise their three children as close friends and deep partners. She wrote in the Instagram post:

“After a lot of thoughtful consideration and work on our relationship, we have made the difficult decision to lovingly part ways as a couple.”

Fortunately, Eva had the support of the one person that never left her side throughout her life — her mom. An insider told Closer Weekly that Sarandon supported her daughter 100 percent.

Today, the “Three Generations” actress takes her grandma’s duties seriously and dotes on her three beautiful grandchildren, Marlowe, Major, and Mateo.

Just like she taught her children everything they know, she is also passing down the information to her three adorable grandkids. She doted on them, saying:

“They are thriving. Marlowe is just so funny — she’s a fierce little clown and so articulate. And Major’s really showing his personality. They’re divine. I love them.”

Sarandon admits that being a grandmother is easier than being a mother, but all the same, she loves spending time with her grandbabies, who, instead of calling her grandma, refer to her as “Honey.”