Sophie Turner is suing Joe Jonas. Claims that ex-husband stole her children.

As it became known, Sophie Turner filed a lawsuit against her now ex-husband. The reason for this was the broken agreement between the ex-spouses regarding where their daughters would live after the divorce. So, according to the Game of Thrones star, the musician does not allow them to see each other and in every possible way prevents the heiresses from leaving for the UK. How Joe Jonas responded to the accusations and which of them is right, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Joe Jonas responded to the accusations

Who would have imagined that the showdown between Jolie and Pitt would not be so serious compared to their colleagues? Of course, we’re talking about Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. You see, it is already known today that the Game of Thrones star has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband. And, importantly, there are serious reasons for this.

So, Sophie accuses the musician of stealing their daughters and, interestingly, their passports. Thus, the actress has no opportunity to take the heiresses to her homeland in the UK. But she had an agreement with Jonas on this matter.

It is noteworthy that Joe Jonas soon responded to his ex-wife’s accusations and, interestingly, accused Turner, in turn, of lying. So, according to the musician, their common daughters had already been living with him for three months. And, importantly, it was also discussed by celebrities as a temporary solution to the situation. Today the girls are close to their mother.

Who is right, who is wrong?

Also, according to Jonas’ representatives, Sophie wants to take her daughters to the UK so that the divorce process can take place there. “This is an unfortunate legal squabble over a marriage that has unfortunately come to an end. When language such as “kidnapping” is used, it leads to misunderstanding at best. At worst, it can lead to a serious violation of the legal system,” he shared in a conversation with reporters.

Also, according to Sophie Turner, she learned about the divorce from media headlines. However, according to Joe Jonas’ representatives, the British film actress lied on this issue as well. After all, initially the former spouses had the opportunity to discuss their intentions and come to certain agreements. Only after this was an application for divorce filed.

It is worth noting that Sophie will not yet be able to take her daughters to the UK. You see, Jonas has already filed for divorce in Florida. And, according to a local court decision, both the actress and the musician are currently prohibited from relocating their children anywhere. The resolution itself appeared on September 6. But which of them is right and which is wrong? How do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.