“She shouldn’t be pumping herself up like that.” What 54-year-old Nicole Kidman looks like now.

For many fans, Nicole Kidman has been the standard of female beauty for many years. Of course, she is no longer 18 and the years are taking their toll. But worthy women are beautiful at any age. Look at Monica Bellucci, she manages to remain inimitable even at 57. Monica is not afraid of the passage of time , but the same cannot be said about Nicole. The actress is very afraid of growing old . In addition, she worries that this will have a bad effect on her career. Let’s see if she should worry about this. What does Nicole Kidman look like now and what do fans think about her appearance? Let’s talk about this.

Nicole Kidman now: why the actress is so afraid of old age

The 54-year-old Hollywood star spends a lot of effort to look younger than her age . And it’s not just about sports, nutrition and self-care. The actress at times went very far in her desire to preserve her youth, even resorting to the help of plastic surgeons. But Nicole’s fans are sure that she didn’t do anything better for herself. Quite the contrary. Because of her desire for an ideal face, without a wrinkle, Kidman lost her former aristocracy.

The actress’s latest photo on her Instagram completely upset her fans . Many didn’t even recognize Nicole in the photo . Perhaps the actress had surgery again. Or maybe the light just didn’t fall right or the makeup turned out wrong. Be that as it may, many have concluded that Kidman is no longer the same.

“Walking horror movie. This look!”, “10 years ago she looked simply gorgeous. And I thought: wow! So, this is possible – not to grow old! But miracles don’t happen, alas”, “What’s wrong with her earlobes?”, “Of course, she shouldn’t be pumping herself up like that. But she said in plain text – fear of old age and Hollywood standards”, “Plasticine people”, “What a beauty she was! Thin, transparent, white-skinned – just a porcelain figurine. Now, of course, it’s impossible to find out , ” they write on the Internet about Nicole Kidman.

It’s all about career

Nicole Kidman has built a brilliant career in Hollywood. And, by the way, films and TV series with her participation continue to be released regularly. Nicole seems to have set a high bar for herself and is now horrified when she realizes that she may not reach her own bar. The actress is worried that with age she will become less in demand .

As Kidman herself says, she is no longer young, but not old either . And it is most difficult for such actresses to find a role. “There is a perception in the industry that there is no future for female actors after 40. Of course, I was never directly told that my expiration date had expired. But there were often situations when they refused me and simply showed me the door ,” complains Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman tried a lot of things to maintain her youth

Nicole adheres to a healthy lifestyle . Sports and proper nutrition mean a lot to her. Also quality self-care. But at one point, according to the actress, this was not enough. Then she decided to see a plastic surgeon. First, Kidman was given Botox. But the star did not get the desired result.

“I tried a lot of things, but other than sports and proper nutrition, most things don’t matter. I even tried Botox , but I didn’t like the way my face looked after it. Now I don’t do it anymore and I can move my forehead again ,” the actress once shared.

Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads, as they say. And Nicole should just start solving her problems with them. There is nothing wrong with natural aging . Many actresses, for whom their careers also meant a lot, have long realized this. Recently, for example, we wrote about Jennifer Garner’s beauty philosophy . The actress is not afraid of old age and happily accepts every wrinkle.

Do you think Nicole Kidman looks natural now? What advice would you give to an actress if you had the opportunity?