Shaun Cassidy’s Mom Shirley Jones Is Fabulous with White Hair & Sparse Eyebrows at 89 – She Glows as Grandma of 13

At age 89, Shirley Jones’ son shared touching photos of the actress and her other child.

Shirley’s images from 2022 apparently showed her without a bra, which didn’t go unnoticed by her fans.

The star went from a tomboy to a grandmother of 13.

On March 31, 2023, Shaun Cassidy’s brother, Patrick Cassidy, took to his Instagram page to celebrate their mother, Shirley Jones, 89th birthday. The first touching photo was of the actress holding a newborn baby, probably Patrick, in a black and white picture.

The following images included Patrick posing with Jones and his brother, Shaun, throughout the years. The post made many former “The Partridge Family” fans nostalgic since some of them hadn’t seen pictures of the star in a while.

Susan Dey, Brian Forster, Suzanne Crough, Shirley Jones, Dave Madden, and Danny Bonaduce on season three of "The Partridge Family" on November 24, 1972 | Source: Getty Images

Patrick’s social media post also stood out because he phrased his birthday message to Jones, who glowed while surrounded by family. He touched on their history as former colleagues and even mentioned that they were set to meet.

Shirley Is 89: Her “Son” Posts Touching Photos
In “The Partridge Family,” Jones used to play the role of Patrick and Shaun’s character’s mother. So on his birthday post, Patrick wrote, “Happy Birthday to Mrs. Partridge, Marian The Librarian, but most of all, our MOM.”

Shaun’s brother confessed that he missed their mother and couldn’t wait to see her in July 2023. Taking to Facebook on his mother’s birthday, Shaun uploaded a throwback photo of Jones in her younger years and a more current one.

He revealed that the first image was taken 68 years ago when the actress celebrated her 21st birthday, and the next one was during lunch with her the day before. Shaun described his mother as “ageless” before wishing her well.

Charles Tranberg, an author, also uploaded a throwback and a current photo of the star and wished her a happy birthday. Tranberg acknowledged how the celebrity was best known for starring in “The Partridge Family,” but that she was an incredible singer and had appeared in many classic musicals.

The author also noted how Shaun’s mother had won an Oscar Award for “Elmer Gantry.” A fan was surprised to see what Jones looked like currently, saying “Wow,” and noting how the actress looked “fabulous.”

A Facebook page, Retro Girls With Curves, also shared an old black and white picture of Jones wearing a swimsuit to celebrate her birthday. One person described the actress as their “1st crush on a ‘mature’ woman,” with her being 37 at the time and the fan was six!

Someone else felt the star “started out as a beauty and grew more so along the way” before wishing her a happy birthday. The Flashback to the 80’s Facebook page honored the celebrity with various photos.

A follower described Jones as their “favorite Partridge Family mom!!” while someone else felt the celebrity was “still pretty even at the age she is now.” The person also thought gray hair suited the star.

A fan wished Jones a happy birthday on The 1970s Limited Edition Facebook group with a past and a current look. One person replied to the post, acting surprised to see the latest look of the actress, and said:

“I thought she had already passed away!”

Shirley Jones at the Chiller Theatre Expo Fall on October 25, 2019, in Parsippany, New Jersey | Source: Getty Images

The birthday dedications generally stirred positive reactions from fans, but a social media post from 2022 didn’t sit well with some followers, as seen above. The image showed how healthy the actress was.

Shirley’s Photos from 2022, Where She Was Apparently without a Bra
In August 2022, Jones was photographed in a rarely-seen photo while wearing a tracksuit while out for dinner in Los Angeles with friends. The “Oklahoma!” star went to eat at Delmonico’s Steak and Lobster House in Encino.

The celebrity’s seemingly braless look in a pink tracksuit, white visor, and sneakers made her stand out. The image was the same one a fan posted on The 1970s Limited Edition Facebook page to celebrate Jones’ 89th birthday.

A fan who replied to the post thought the actress needed a bra. In 2013, the celebrity who once played Shirley Partridge revealed in her autobiography that her second husband, Marty Ingels, made her laugh and kept her life from becoming dull.

The actress wanted to stop the idea that getting older killed her passion. Jones, who ate healthily, exercised daily, and had no plastic surgery, shared how lucky she was that Ingels still thought she had a beautiful body despite her age.

Marty Ingels and Shirley Jones at TCM Classic Film Festival at the opening night gala of "Oklahoma!" on April 10, 2014, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

The mother of three revealed that she wasn’t ashamed of her body and sometimes took all her clothes off before him and shook her breasts, which he loved! The “Carousel” star has since let go of her past and become a grandmother.

From a Rebellious Tomboy to a Grandmother of 13
Jones was a virgin and a small-town 21-year-old girl when she first met Jack Cassidy, her future husband. The actress credited him with teaching her “absolutely everything” about life, including parties, drinking, and designing.

The star described him as well-read and intelligent, but he was also unfaithful to her, an inadequate father, envious of her success, and was diagnosed with bipolar later in life. Jones noted how some people would blame her for having done anything Jack wanted, whether it wasn’t suitable for her or their children.

[Shirley] Jones, who occasionally took acting roles, and David’s [Cassidy] father [Jack Cassidy] were married for 18 years…

Her self-titled autobiography revealed that the actress was born in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, before moving to Smithton. There she helped her father to run the Jones Brewing Co., a family-owned brewery.

The mother of three described herself as “wild, willful, and independent” and a “rebellious tomboy.” Jones became obsessed with actors and films but intended to become a veterinarian because of her love of animals.

Luckily, her true calling found her, and starring in “The Partridge Family” allowed her to work in Los Angeles and be with her young children at night. Jones didn’t find Hollywood exciting and saw it as work which she left daily to be a mother and wife, with her admitting:

“I liked my job, but when I came home, I never thought of it.”

“The Music Man” star had 13 grandchildren in 2022, but in 2015, she lost Ingels after 38 years of marriage. Two years later, in 2017, David Cassidy, her stepson from her marriage to Jack and “The Partridge Family” co-star, died.

Jones, who occasionally took acting roles, and David’s father were married for 18 years, and he passed away in 1974. His death occurred two years after he and the actress divorced.