Prince Harry Reportedly Demands an Apology from Prince William

Prince Harry will reportedly demand an apology from his brother, Prince William, and the cancer-stricken Kate Middleton, if he and Meghan Markle are to step back into the Royal Family to potentially resume their duties as working members. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood down from their posts in 2020 following a period of bad press from the British public and a deteriorating relationship with those within the family.

They headed out to the United States, to California, in an attempt to make it on their own with their son before they had a daughter. Out there, they have tried to strike up television deals and have tried to grow their foundation and they maintain their presence at the Invictus Games.

But now they could attempt to get back into the royal fold, although Prince Harry reportedly wants a huge apology before he decides to try to fix things with his older brother, who he has reportedly experienced a rivalry with since they were young kids.

“He wants to reconcile with his brother so that the children can have some kind of a relationship,” Tom Quinn, a royal author, said to The Mirror. “But he and Meghan still think that a grovelling apology needs to come from William and Kate first.

Harry has spoken to friends about his sadness at not have a closer relationship with his niece and nephews, but what is upsetting him even more is the prospect of Lilibet and Archie having no relationship at all with George, Charlotte and Louis.

“He has implied that if he gets an apology from his family then he is prepared to forgive, but that just isn’t going to happen.”

Is the royal expert right?

The last thing that was publicly heard was that Meghan Markle was the one who reached out to Kate Middleton, after her abdominal surgery in January, to offer her well wishes and to suggest they could begin to reopen the door to each other.

The Princess of Wales was said to be receptive to the idea, although she wouldn’t pressure her husband to cross a bridge that he doesn’t intend to cross. Then, weeks later, Prince William was reportedly saying to his friends that he wouldn’t allow his younger brother to offer help to King Charles III after his cancer diagnosis.

So on the balance of that, it would appear Prince Harry wants to fix things and is taking actions to do so, but that it’s the Duke of Cornwall who seems to be unwilling to repair their relationship.

Although there is no doubt that Prince Harry’s very public actions in recent years will have caused damage too, such as the infamous Oprah interview and his 2023 memoir, Spare.

This also appears to be the impression of ITV’s Chris Ship, who serves as their royal editor.

Harry and Meghan have both been in touch with their brother/sister-in-law,” Ship said to ITV. “But did so privately.

“It not clear if that was a phone/video call or some messages of support.”