Photos of happy Ben Affleck and J.Lo caused heated discussions on the Internet.

As it became known, photos of happy Ben Affleck and J.Lo are being discussed on the Internet. After all, as you know, not so long ago misunderstanding and even quarrels reigned in their relationship . Interestingly, Jennifer Garner played a significant role in this. But whether the spouses really managed to resolve all the issues and how users comment on this, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Divorce and maiden name

It’s no secret that for several weeks now there have been rumors on the Internet about problems in the relationship between Ben Affleck and J.Lo. What’s interesting is that there’s nothing surprising here at all. You see, the paparazzi caught the star of the film “Gone Girl” with his ex-girlfriend in his arms. We are, of course, talking about Jennifer Garner.

It is worth noting that Lopez herself influenced the communication of the former spouses . The reason was quite simple. Jennifer just wanted her husband to see the children more often. What can we say, the singer even planned that they would be able to be friends with Garner’s families and go on trips together. But did things really go wrong?

The answer to this question is not so simple. On the one hand, photos of a happy Ben in Garner’s arms are circulating on the Internet. But at the same time, it’s hardly possible to talk about anything more than friendly communication. Nevertheless, one curious detail caught the eyes of many users.

Photos of happy Ben Affleck and JLo

Firstly, Affleck looks exhausted and even dissatisfied next to JLo. Secondly, lately the singer has not only been attending events alone, but is also ready to replace the jewelry with the name “Ben”. What can we say, it even came to an ultimatum, which the artist delivered to both her husband and his ex. And, interestingly, it seems to have worked.

You see, today on the Internet you can come across photos of happy Ben Affleck and JLo, who have clearly reconsidered their relationship. By the way, the couple appeared at the LACMA Art+Film gala evening. The singer chose a delicate beige dress for the event, but the actor remained faithful to a black tuxedo. At the same time, and importantly, celebrities are captured in the photographs smiling at each other. And this can’t help but make us happy, can’t it?

This is what Internet users thought when commenting on pictures of their pets. “Well, finally, I was getting ready for a divorce”, “That’s right, the ex is there for the ex, so she doesn’t get involved in today’s relationship”, “I hope Ben won’t allow himself such stupidity as losing J.Lo again” , “And who did he say that everything was lost? You can’t wait!”, “Well, at least it’s too early to sound the alarm.”