“Not the Carrie I used to know,” and “show some modesty” – this is what Carrie Underwood heard from fans after showing her new style.

Singer Carrie Underwood has recently showcased her latest fashion transformations during her Las Vegas residency.

Underwood’s show-stopping looks gained mixed comments from netizens, with one urging her to dress according to her religious values and personal principles.

Despite the criticisms, the musician remains confident in all her fashion choices.

Carrie Underwood performs during rehearsal on NBC's "Today" at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York on October 23, 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Carrie Underwood proudly revealed her new and unique style in her updated concert wardrobe. However, rather than receiving widespread support, she found herself confronted with a barrage of criticism from some fans.

Underwood, who has recently embarked on her concert residency in Las Vegas, Nevada, elicited a diverse range of responses from fans regarding her on-stage fashion selections. An unenthusiastic fan commented:

“Carrie needs to go back [to] being a country girl. I don’t like the new her.”

Many netizens express nostalgia for her past looks. “Not the Carrie I used to know,” a fan said after Underwood showed her new style. Another added that she missed the “old Carrie,” while another remarked that she had “changed.”

Carrie Underwood performs on stage during REFLECTION show on June 21, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

Additionally, one online user said Underwood may be a beautiful lady but urged her to “be true to her roots, ” and another expressed disappointment with her style choices.

Expertly curated by stylist Emma Trask, Underwood’s wardrobe features a stunning array of fashion choices. Among her standout looks include the iridescent jumpsuit, the glamorous gold and black ensemble, and the effortlessly chic double denim outfit.

While Underwood’s fashion choices have enhanced her on-stage presence, fans with more conservative tastes have found her attire less appealing. Some asked the singer to “put some clothes on,” while others wondered why she would dress like that if she is a “Christian.”

Another netizen urged Underwood to “show some modesty.” The “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer continues to face a relentless stream of criticism, with some comments targeting her personal life.

User comment dated September 2023 | Source: Facebook/carrieunderwood

One fan even questioned what her husband thought of her outfit choices. Meanwhile, another disappointed netizen commented, “Carrie, I love your music, but it’s time to dress like a wife and a mother” after she showed her changed her look.

Underwood is the proud mother of two wonderful children, Isaiah and Jacob Fisher. She shares these adorable kids with her longtime husband, former National Hockey League player Mike Fisher.

Carrie Underwood’s Fashion Caution amid Criticism
Trask’s carefully selected outfits may have made Underwood a shining star on stage, but the songstress shared her favorite fashion moments in a 2021 interview. She recalled her outfit at the 2016 CMA Awards, where she looked like a princess. The gown was pink, voluminous, and sparkly.

As for who she looks up to when it comes to fashion, Underwood said her fashion icon is actress Reese Witherspoon due to their similar body types. Underwood also shared that she admired statuesque and graceful women who confidently strut in high heels, considering them “gorgeous goddesses.”

Underwood takes pride in her confidence and the fact that she has never experienced a wardrobe malfunction in public, no matter how many outfit changes she goes through. She achieves this by always wearing shorts under her skirts and dresses.

She humorously added that this precaution ensures that no one would get an unexpected peek even if she stumbles or falls. Reflecting on being a role model, she said she tries not to dwell on public pressures.

The renowned singer recognizes her good fortune in the industry, understanding that not everyone will appreciate everything she does. Despite the disadvantages of fame, she continues to focus on living by her own standards and morals.

Instead of minding other people’s opinions, she said she values the opinions of her mother, Carole Underwood, taking them as her main measures of success and satisfaction.

The “American Idol” alum said of her mom, “She’s my barometer for everything. If she’s proud of me and she thinks I’m doing a good job, then I feel good.”