Nicole Kidman Reacts After Amy Schumer Mocked Her Facial Expression at US Open

Amy Schumer apologized to those offended by a post about Nicole Kidman and mocked another set of celebrities.

Kidman was spotted at an event on the day of the post.


Amy Schumer took a swing at making a joke at Nicole Kidman’s expense, and it was a miss for many. Both women attended the US Open this weekend. With the comedian going on Friday and Kidman at the women’s singles final of Coco Gauff and Aryna on Saturday.

On Monday, Schumer shared a photo of the Australian actress in which she is staring dead ahead. Her right hand is awkwardly under her chin while her left touches her right upper arm.

It is the pose of someone wholly enthralled in the action before them. Gauff went on to beat the world number one. It is unknown if the stand-up comedian ran into Kidman sometime over the weekend, but the image was taken from a photo service.

“This how human sit,” she captioned the snap. Many of her followers saw the light-hearted humor in the post, one commenting, “AI Nicole.”

There was enough commotion with the “Trainwreck” star accused of being mean and cyberbullying the Oscar winner that she deleted the post. There was no reaction from Kidman’s camp about the update.

Therefore, it was appropriate that she did not apologize to her. Instead, she wrote, “I want to apologize to all the people I hurt posting a photo of Nicole Kidman and alluding to her being an alien.”

Nicole Kidman is seen at the final game with Coco Gauff vs. Aryna Sabalenka at the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships, on September 9, 2023, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

She joked that she would ask the cast of “That 70s Show” “to write letters advocating” for her forgiveness. Schumer punctuated the message with a “taking time to heal” hashtag.

Though Kidman could not be reached for comment by DailyMail.com, a source close to the star indicated that while she was aware of the post, she was unconcerned:

“It’s kind of silly, and she’s not fazed.”

On Facebook, fans came to the “Moulin Rouge!” actress’s defense, and the sentiment was that she should not be too bothered by the incident. “Go Nicole, don’t even take any notice. You got it, girl lollllll just laugh and move on like the old days,” one wrote.

Another mused that it was not the first jealous and insecure person “who’s taken a pop at her,” they were sure “she’s used to it by now.” Someone wrote, “Sometimes be classier if Amy Schumer kept her thoughts to herself.”

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer are seen at the 2023 US Open Tennis Championships on September 8, 2023, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Kidman looks remarkably more animated in other photos taken on the day. Ironically, there are shots where she and Amy Schumer have similar expressions, staring ahead with shocked eyes and their mouths slightly open.

From her prime seats at the men’s singles final on Sunday evening between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev, Nicole Kidman was slightly less engrossed with what was happening on the court with her husband Keith Urban beside her.

He was photographed nuzzling her and whispering into her ear. Undeterred by what’s happening online, the actress stepped out on Monday at a charity event looking radiant.