Mom of ‘Giant’ Baby Defends Him from Hurtful Mocking — He’s 6 Now & Called ‘King’

A mom defended her baby boy after haters started mocking him because of his size.

Gavin, the “giant baby,” became a sensation and was the target of hateful comments, yet he is just a happy kid in real life.

Gavin is now six and called “King” in his recent videos.

Gavin was born a fairly average-sized baby. He was 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and 19 inches long. However, he has grown pretty fast since then.

Due to his rapid growth, he has received hateful comments from online users who felt like he wasn’t a normal baby.


According to his mother, Kat, Gavin’s growth was always off the charts whenever they went for regular doctor’s check-ups. “He’s been off the charts since after birth,” his mom revealed.

Regardless of his fast growth, Gavin has always been a normal, healthy, and very happy boy. Like most kids his age, he enjoys Halloween and loves birthdays and M&M candy. He relishes playing with Kat, 5’8, his father Galen, 5’10, and Caleb, his 19-year-old brother.

Gavin lives with his family on their farm in America’s Midwest and became an internet sensation when his mother introduced him on TikTok. Caleb first showed his mother how TikTok worked, and she spent the whole day going through the videos shared on the platform.

After getting the gist of TikTok, Kat decided to share Gavin with the world. “I woke up on Sunday, and I said to my husband, I’m going to make him famous, and it happened,” she revealed.

Kat began sharing videos of Gavin on her TikTok account, @kat.027, doing the normal things toddlers do, like playing in the mud. Her videos got some attention on the day she posted them, but by the next morning, they had blown up.


Kat recalls Caleb waking her up to tell her the videos had received millions of views. The most watched had garnered as many as nine and 18.5 million views.

However, as is the norm with social media, there was a divide in opinion among viewers.

In another fun video shared on TikTok, Gavin danced to “Pamela Pupkin’s Halloween Workout” by Laura Clery.

Some people were excited and happy to see Gavin and thanked him for the videos. Unfortunately, there were equally as many negative comments that criticized Gavin for his look. Some parents even questioned Kat’s parenting skills with speculations about what could have caused Gavin’s size.

Even though Gavin’s mother was confident in her acceptance of her son and said, “he is what he is,” she also revealed how hurt she initially was by some of the mean comments, which she found harsh:

“At first, it did a little, but we have thick skin. It’s not [a] big deal to us. People can be mean online, they’re behind a mask.”

In a TikTok video where Gavin had fun on his father’s back, haters had lots of negative things to say. In the video, the boy’s father lay in bed on his stomach while Gavin, who sat on his back, jumped up and down.

One person simply commented on the video, “God have mercy,” alongside a shocked-face emoji. Another comment read, “That thing is not a baby,” while a third online user said the boy looked like a giant from the “Clash of Clans,” a mobile game.

More negative comments flowed in, as one user wrote, “Look at the size of that thing…there is no way that that is scientifically a baby.”

Some users reposted the TikTok videos of Gavin to other social media accounts with vile captions. One person shared a video of Gavin on Twitter and tweeted, “Is anyone else just absolutely REPULSED by this giant baby.”

The video shared on Twitter was liked by hundreds of thousands of people and was retweeted more than 35,000 times.

It was not all bad, though. One positive comment said that Gavin was “so stinking adorable,” with Kat admitting that amid the fan’s varied comments, she even came across some that were funny.

Despite the negative comments, Kat is happy that she shared the videos of her baby online. She noted that as much as the future 20-year-old Gavin might look back and “hate” her for sharing them, she was glad she did, as it helped people get through the tough COVID-19 times.

Gavin’s mother explained that her son got his body size from both sides of the family, as she and her husband have tall relatives. Kat said they have “big genetics in the family,” observing that her husband’s brother was 6’7, while her two brothers were 6’1 and 6’2. She added:

“People can be cruel. There’s no need to have this distasteful bitterness that a lot of people have… I didn’t let it bother me. I was kind of like, that’s mean because it’s a baby.”

Online users also claimed Gavin was bald or that his parents had shaved his head clean. However, Kat revealed that Gavin actually has hair, but it’s light reddish-blonde and is hard to see in the posted videos.

Due to his size, people believe Gavin will become a basketball player, but his parents think he is better suited to become a footballer.

Gavin turned six in December 2022, and he is still an online sensation. Kat still shares his pictures online, and the comments have not toned down.

On his 4th birthday, Gavin celebrated with a Spider-Man-themed cake. His mother shared the video on Instagram where an excited Gavin blew the candle on his birthday cake after several attempts. Gavin also received several birthday presents from his parents.

People online now refer to Gavin as king. In another fun video shared on TikTok, Gavin danced to “Pamela Pupkin’s Halloween Workout” by Laura Clery. He danced so well and knew the song’s choreography at heart that one user said, “The king nailed it.”

In another video where the boy posed so well for the camera, users were amazed at how big he had gotten. “Omggg, he’s gotten so much older!!!” one person wrote, with another adding:

“❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My boy has grown!!!!!!! Love King Gav.”

Gavin is now a grown boy who has learned to ride a bicycle, wash the family’s dog, and take cute pictures posing so well by himself and with his family.