Michael Jackson’s Surrogate Son Blanket, 21, Looks ‘Handsome’ & ‘Exactly’ Like Dad, Fans Claim

Michael Jackson’s two sons were recently spotted on their late father’s birthday honoring him at an event.

Fans were amazed by how much the late King of Pop’s son Blanket “Bigi” Jackson resembled him.

Blanket, who is rarely spotted in public, once gave an interview and spoke about his passions.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 after suffering from cardiac arrest due to an accidental drug overdose. The actor left behind three kids, Paris, Blanket, also known as “Bigi,” and Prince Jackson.

Michael Jackson performing at Wembley Stadium in London for his 'Dangerous' World Tour in 1992 | Source: Getty Images

Blanket and Prince were recently spotted in Las Vegas on August 29, 2023, a date that would have been their late father’s 65th birthday. The “Man in the Mirror” singer died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 50.

The brothers’ pictures were taken as they interacted with visitors at Sin City’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The two were seen after a “Michael Jackson ONE” show by Cirque du Soleil on their late father’s birthday. The kids paid respect to their father with this show. Paris wasn’t with her brothers as she was on tour with the rock band Incubus.

Blanket Jackson on stage at the 'Michael Forever' concert in memory of Michael Jackson in Wales in 2009 | Source: Getty Images

Prince was in blue jeans and a gray T-shirt styled with sneakers, a baseball cap, and a crossbody bag. He looked gruffy with a face fairly full of hair. He actively engaged with fans, and one of them gave him a drawing of Michael. He hugged this fan in return.

Blanket, who is rarely seen in public, wore black pants and shoes with a matching short-sleeved black button-down. He sported a light mustache and beard, and his dark-shoulder-length hair was split in the middle.

Fans who saw Michael’s sons commented on their looks. One fan said of all of the late singer’s kids, Blanket looks more like Michael. Other people concurred and said Blanket was “so handsome.”

Blanket spoke about his dad during the TV interview. He said the house and studio have a lot of history because it’s what his father was all about.


Another fan observed the spots on his hands similar to the ones Michael had, and one said Blanket “looks exactly” like Michael did at his age.

In 2021, Blanket made a rare appearance on TV and revealed what he was up to in life. The 21-year-old, whose full name is Prince Michael Jackson II, said he was passionate about environmentalism and urged people to be vocal about climate change.

He was born on February 21, 2002, via surrogate; however, the surrogate’s identity is still unknown. According to reports, Blanket is the third child of the King of Pop and the only biological child. Michael shared his other two children with Debbie Rowe, who denied being the 21-year-old’s biological mother after the media speculated about his conception.

But, according to Mirror, the surrogate is a Mexican nurse named Helena, who was specifically selected by Michael. Helena was reportedly just the carrier and a different egg donor was chosen, making her the biological mother.

Blanket made this statement at his brother Prince’s Thriller Night Halloween Party in California. The event was held at the sibling’s home to raise funds for The Heal Los Angeles Foundation.

Blanket spoke about his dad during the TV interview. He said the house and studio have a lot of history because it’s what his father was all about. He added that all of Michael’s kids want to do and create things that people can enjoy and benefit from in their lives.

Michael’s son was only seven when his father passed away. He once revealed that he has no plans to follow in his dad’s musical footsteps. He steers away from publicity and lives in Calabasas, California, a house he bought in March 2020.