Matt LeBlanc said goodbye to Matthew Perry: ‘It was an honor to call you my friend’.

As you know, on October 28, 2023, the actor_who_played_Chandler_Bing in the cult_TV_series_Friends passed away . And it’s not hard to imagine how painful this news was not only for his fans, but also for his colleagues, relatives and, in fact, friends. Only after a while some of them were able to say goodbye to the star. For example, Matt_LeBlanc_paid_tribute to Perry by sharing memorable photos on his blog. Details, as always, in the next few minutes.

An era has passed

10 years, 10seasons and 236episodes. It seems that an entire era has now passed for several generations of viewers. Some watched “Friends” as youngsters, others – already in adulthood, while others only recently discovered the charm of the cult series. After all, just a couple of weeks ago, Matthew Perry , who_played_the_role of Chandler, left this world. It seems like I have no strength to re-watch my favorite episodes after this.

The news of the actor’s sudden departure became painful not only for fans of the series, but also for those with whom Perry shared the set. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Ross… It was not at all easy for the performers of these roles to say goodbye to those who had recently joked, laughed and worried about others. With someone who did everything to make working with him not only easy, but also pleasant.

Matt LeBlanc pays tribute to Perry

However, it is difficult to postpone the moment of saying farewell to a friend indefinitely, is it?That’s precisely what the actor who played Joey believed.So, on his Instagram blog, Matt LeBlanc paid tribute to Perry by posting wonderful filming photos.The gifted performers have been labeled “the best duo in the history of television,” according to Internet users.


“I bid you farewell, Matthew, with a heavy heart.”To be_honest, the time we_spent_together was one of my finest times of my life.It was a privilege to share_the_stage_with_you_and_to_call you a friend.I’ll always remember you with a grin, and I’ll never forget you.Never.Brother, spread your wings and fly.

In remembrance of those days, Leblanc chose to end his farewell to his friend with a joke.”I think you can keep_the_20_bucks you owe me.”

“Matthew was funny and kind.”

It’s worth noting that the actor who played Joey wasn’t the only one who was ready to say goodbye to Perry.So Courteney Cox, who_played_Monica in “Friends,” empathized with her.The actress shared a photo from Ross’ wedding day.

“I am eternally_grateful_for_every_minute I get to spend with you, Matty.”And I think about you every day.When you work as closely with someone as I did with Matthew, there are thousands of moments I’d like to share.This is one of my personal favorites.So, before we started recording the sequence, he said something amusing to me.He did stuff like this all the time.Matthew was amusing and considerate.”

Unfortunately, the other cult_series_stars were not ready to say goodbye to their old friend.And, of course, comprehending them isn’t all that tough, is it?