Mariska Hargitay Shows Rarely-Seen Son at 17 & Fans Are Divided over Whether He’s a Copy of Mom or Dad

Hollywood star Mariska Hargitay was seen with her rarely-seen teenage son, whom she shares with her husband, Peter Hermann. Social media users who saw the two are divided on whether the 17-year-old looks more like his mother or father.

Famous actress Mariska Hargitay, 59, recently took to Instagram to share an image of one of her sons. She posted a photograph of herself and her 17-year-old sitting in a four-by-four vehicle while enjoying a Safari trip in Kenya.

In the post, the doting mom sat in the car’s front passenger seat decked out in Safari gear with shades, a hat, and a khaki top. The handsome teenager sat behind her as he showed off his pearly whites while posing for the camera.

When the public saw the image, many could not help but notice and point out the distinct “resemblance” August Miklos Friedrich Hermann shares with his parents. In fact, Mariska’s picture sparked divided reactions among people who think August looks like his mom’s copy and others who feel he resembles his dad, Peter Hermann.

In this regard, in reference to Mariska and August, one person marveled, “You really said copy and paste with August’s face!” Concerning August and his dad, another stated, “August really just went and took Peter’s entire face. ❤️”

Mariska and Peter welcomed their firstborn son in 2006 on June 28, at 3:21 p.m. The dark-haired adolescent has always shared a close bond with Mariska. According to the “Law & Order: SVU” star, when August was still a baby, she would take him with her wherever she had to go; he had even been traveling on planes with her as early as six weeks old.

August Miklos Friedrich Hermann, Mariska Hargitay, and Peter Hermann spotted in New York City on June 2, 2021 | Source: Getty Images

The Hollywood talent told a story of how active August got on a flight after he had learned to walk and became mobile. The inquisitive little boy had a knack for exploring the plane despite having to stay in his seat and needing to keep his seatbelt on as instructed by the pilot. On this, his mom explained, “He’s such a curious and social little guy. I think he was going stir crazy sitting in a chair…”

Apart from his curiosity about the world and his knack for exploring August is also the best big brother to his younger siblings, Amaya Josephine Hermann and Andrew Nicolas Hermann. In fact, when his little sister, Amaya, was adopted by his parents, according to Mariska, August called “her his baby” and always spoke “about how he’s going to protect her…”

August also believed that Amaya and Andrew (who was also adopted) joined their family because their adoptions were his idea. In this regard, Mariska divulged, “He said, ‘I want a baby sister,’ and Amaya came. Then he said, ‘I want a baby brother,’ and Andrew came.”

The 59-year-old finished her statement by quipping that after Amaya and Andrew’s successful adoptions, August was over the moon and felt very powerful due to his wishes for younger siblings coming true.