Tom Selleck’s son, Kevin Selleck, entered his life through marriage to his mother. Despite not being biologically related, they share a strong bond, and Kevin pursued an acting career following his father’s path.

Kevin was born in 1966, becoming part of Tom’s life after his mother, Jacqueline Ray, married the actor in 1971.

Although Kevin’s biological father remains unknown, Tom legally adopted him in August 1987, solidifying their father-son relationship. Since then, Tom has been actively involved in Kevin’s life as a caring father figure.

Despite his father’s fame, Kevin chose to lead a private life away from the limelight after briefly pursuing acting and music careers. However, he garnered attention over the years due to struggles with substance abuse.

Following ten years of marriage, Kevin’s parents separated in 1982. Tom expressed deep sorrow over the end of his marriage and being apart from Kevin, whom he referred to as “the only child I ever had.” Despite the separation, Tom and Jacqueline maintained a close relationship.

In the 1990s, Kevin ventured into acting with a role in “Scream 2” in 1997 before shifting focus to music. He co-founded the band Tonic in 1993 and gained recognition with their debut album “Lemon Parade” in 1996.

Kevin, known as Kevin Sheppard in the band, contributed as a drummer and appeared in several music videos. Tonic also provided soundtracks for various films and television shows during Kevin’s tenure.

After leaving the band in the 1990s, Kevin struggled with addiction, leading to a stint at the Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center at his father’s behest.

Tom emphasized his ongoing role as a father, stating, “You never stop being a dad, even though your kids are grown.”

Following recovery, Kevin married Annabel Selleck, a costume designer, and they have six children together.

Both Kevin and his father maintained privacy regarding his addiction struggles, reflecting Tom’s reserved nature. Tom prioritized family time amidst his acting career, cherishing moments with his children.

Tom remarried actress Jillie Mack in 1987, and they welcomed their daughter, Hannah Selleck, in 1988. Unlike her parents, Hannah pursued equestrianism and modeling, bonding with her father over horseback riding.

Tom’s commitment to fatherhood extended to Hannah, whom he spent time with on horse rides. She developed a passion for horse riding from a young age and later explored photography as well, emphasizing the family’s shared love for private pursuits away from Hollywood’s glare.