Kevin Costner puts a spin on Reese Witherspoon. The actor acts secretly.

As it became known, we should prepare for a new novel. We are talking about the star of the film “Legally Blonde” and the performer of the role of Robin Hood in the 1991 film adaptation. Thus, insiders assure that the man is not going to waste time and is actively trying to undermine his colleague. But are Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Costner really dating secretly or are these just wishes of fans, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Costner

It would perhaps be foolish to refute the fact that many novels arise quite spontaneously. Especially when you just recently got divorced after many years of marriage. However, Reese Witherspoon and Kevin Costner clearly have a different opinion. Both the actress and the actor managed to break up this year and regain their bachelor and single status. But, interestingly, the celebrities do not intend to enjoy freedom for long.

It is worth noting that Reese divorced on March 24, 2023. The Legally Blonde star has been married to agent Jim Toth since 2011. There were only 2 days left until their 12th marriage anniversary. Moreover, in this relationship, Witherspoon’s third child, a boy, Tennessee James Toth, was born.

As for Kevin , he has been married to Christine Baumgartner since 2004. Over the years of their union, the couple had three children: Kayden, Hayes and Grace. Alas, in May 2023, the woman filed for divorce. The reason, curiously, was “irreconcilable differences” with her husband. But some believe that Costner’s communication with Witherspoon was the main reason for this.

“It turned out to be so charming”

You see, initially the performer of the role of Robin Hood just wanted to work with a charming blonde. After all, this is how it was possible to increase the chances of winning the coveted Oscar. But during the collaboration and search for the right project, the celebrities, as it turned out, became closer.

“ Kevin has had his eye on Reese since she won her Oscar. But he didn’t expect Witherspoon to be so charming. They called and texted each other under the pretext of finding the perfect script. Now this is becoming almost an everyday occurrence,” admit insiders in a conversation with journalists.

However, it is important to note that it is too early to talk about anything serious. You see, for Costner the priority is not rumors and gossip about his personal life, but work. Thus, celebrities in love try to make every effort to ensure that they are not seen together. But as soon as Kevin wraps up his work on the two-part western “Horizon”, he intends to correct this and make an official announcement. In addition, the relationship between the actors is still at the nascent stage, and therefore there is no need to rush into loud statements, right?