Jennifer Lopez showed a new photo with mother and daughter.

The spectacular Jennifer Lopez knows how to surprise not only on stage. The artist is famous for her fiery performances and bright outfits, but she also knows how to be tender and touching. The 51-year-old star delighted fans with an unusual photo with deep meaning. The photo shows Jennifer Lopez with her family : daughter and mother. The photo is completely different from other photos of the singer on social networks, which is probably why it aroused a lot of positive feedback.

Jennifer Lopez with family

The artist usually does not like to flaunt her family affairs and personal life . Even on social networks, she mostly posts photos related in most cases to her career. But J.Lo arranged a shoot with her mother and daughter for a special occasion.

Jennifer Lopez’s mother, 73-year-old Guadalupe Rodriguez, and 13-year-old daughter Emmy posed with the singer. It turned out really touching and deep. The photo shows the change of generations. Everyone poses in profile, lined up from young to old: first Emmy, then Jennifer and finally Mrs. Rodriguez.

This wonderful shot is dedicated to Jennifer Lopez’s own cosmetic line . The star launched her brand at the beginning of 2021. Jennifer Lopez’s mother and daughter helped bring the brand’s advertising idea to life, showing that the line’s cosmetics are suitable for skin care of all ages: from 7 to 77 years.

Note that many stars already have their own beauty lines with various cosmetics. However, Jennifer Lopez managed to take her place in the niche and compete with celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and others.

J.Lo’s ad delighted fans. “Three generations of boundless beauty”, “It’s so beautiful! It needs to be framed,” “Very strong. Wow!”, “You are such a creative thinker,” “The best of the best ,” fans write on the Internet.

Jennifer Lopez with mom

Jennifer Lopez recently attended Vax Live with her mother , a virtual music event where celebrities advocated for equitable distribution of the coronavirus vaccine around the world. On the stage of this significant event, Jennifer Lopez sang in the company of her mother. She chose the song Sweet Caroline, which Mrs. Rodriguez often sang to her as a child. Mom sang along.

The appearance of JLo’s mother on stage was unexpected. However, the woman was not at all confused: she danced and sang along.

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