“It doesn’t even hit the notes.” The audience was unhappy with the Enrique Iglesias concert.

As it became known, the Internet is actively discussing Enrique Iglesias’s performance as part of a joint tour with Ricky Martin and Pitbull “The Trilogy Tour”. Thus, viewers who were lucky enough to see their idols live share interesting videos from concerts. You see, Anna Kournikova’s husband is noticeably philandering, performing his fans’ favorite hits. What happened and why the artist behaves so strangely, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Speech by Enrique Iglesias

As you probably know, the second half of November was marked by the start of a joint tour of three performers. We are, of course, talking about Ricky Martin, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias. Interestingly, the performers intend to please their loyal fans until the beginning of March 2024. However, apparently, they will not be able to do without scandals.

The thing is that Enrique Iglesias’s recent performance raised a lot of questions among both Internet users and his fans. Thus, the fact that Anna Kournikova’s husband behaved rather strangely during the performance of his favorite hits was not hidden from the audience. What can we say, according to some people, the artist probably performed while drunk.

You see, Enrique not only didn’t hit the notes, but also simply forgot the words to the songs. At the same time, he moved strangely, as if he could hardly control the movements of his arms and legs. As a result, part of the performance was sung not by Iglesias at all, but by the audience who had been waiting for so long to meet their idol. You can verify this by following the links here and here .

“It’s fake. Just awful”

“He doesn’t strain himself at all,” “I wonder what it’s like for the women who come to his concerts? Will they also love him blindly? Shame”, “Why does he squeak like Mickey Mouse? He’s also fake. Just terrible”, “It’s good that I was never his fan. At the very least, it’s disrespectful to those who admire you .”

Interestingly, some fans began to defend Enrique . Like, all because of problems with sound, faulty auto-tune and electronics in general. Alas, this theory easily collapses. After all, Iglesias’s colleague, Ricky Martin, for some reason did not have such troubles.

Let us remind you that Kournikova herself arrived to support the performer. So, a photo of her was published by fellow tennis player Serena Williams. And, importantly, the fact that Iglesias’s chosen one, even at 42 years old, looks at most 20 years old did not escape the attention of Internet users. But we should not forget that the athlete gave birth to her lover three children.