Is it true that Monica Bellucci’s daughter has eclipsed her luxurious mother? They graced the cover of Vogue together.

The sultry Italian duo decided to amaze the world with their beauty. Thus, 56-year-old Monica Bellucci and her 16-year-old daughter Deva Cassel graced the cover of Italian Vogue together for the first time. We tell you how the legendary actress showed without words that she was making way for her successor .

Monica Bellucci and Deva Cassel graced the cover of Italian Vogue

The magazine has unveiled two versions of the cover, which the world will see in the July issue of the publication. In the photographs, the beauties will appear in tight-fitting dresses from the Dolce&Gabbana brand, of which they have been muses for quite some time. The enchanting duo was captured by photographer Paolo Roversi. The author of the photographs admitted that Monica’s eldest daughter had already become his favorite.

“I am fascinated by perfect beauty , just like when I photographed Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss, ” he also added that he wanted to invite Virgo to shoot a few years earlier, when the actress showed him a photo of her daughter. “ Dreamy and mysterious—that’s how I remember her . ”

According to Bellucci, the idea of ​​filming together belongs entirely to her daughter. “When I asked why she was interested in this idea, Virgo replied: “Because our last photo shoot took place when you were pregnant with me. Before I go on a free voyage, I want to do it again ,” says the star.

The actress also noted that her daughter has a strong character, so she will certainly cope with any difficulty. “I consider myself a caring mother who accepts her children for who they are. Virgo is a self-sufficient and freedom-loving girl. Since she was 13, she has been flying planes without my help and knows five languages. And just look at her! She is completely fearless ,” Monica assures.

Make way for the young

The head of the Italian editorial office of Vogue, Emanuele Farneti, spoke about the symbolism hidden in the new photographs of mother and daughter. “As you may have noticed, Monica seems to be keeping a low profile in the photo. Thus she shifts the focus to Virgo. This symbolic gesture seems to say: it’s time to give way to the young. Agree, you don’t see this often these days ,” he emphasized.

Well, we couldn’t agree more with Farneti! Take even our domestic stars, who do not want to leave the stage in favor of young artists. Did you like the joint photo shoot of Monica and Virgo?

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