‘How Much Weight Keely Lost!’: Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Stuns Fans With Her New Figure at Red Carpet Appearance

Pierce Brosnan, renowned for his iconic portrayal of James Bond, made an appearance at The Oscar Wilde Awards event accompanied by his wife, Keely Brosnan, attracting significant attention. Despite Pierce’s fame for his James Bond role and notable films like “Mamma Mia” and “Mrs. Doubtfire,” it was his wife who garnered public interest.

Keely has been a constant presence alongside Pierce throughout a significant portion of his career, serving as a friend, partner, and devoted spouse. They tied the knot in 2001 after Pierce’s first wife, Cassandra Harris, passed away in 1991.

Today, Keely and Pierce are happily married with four children – Christopher, 51, and Sean, 40, from Pierce’s previous marriage, and Dylan, 27, and Paris Brosnan, 23, whom the couple share. Besides being a mother, Keely is also a skilled chef in the kitchen.

“Keely is such a wonderful cook,” Pierce lovingly remarked about his wife. “I always have the best table in the house when I’m sitting at her table. But date nights are at Giorgio Baldi [a restaurant in Santa Monica]. That’s where we had our first date,” added the 70-year-old actor.

Despite public attention typically being on Pierce, Keely has faced her own share of challenges, including cyberbullying due to her weight. However, Pierce’s love transcends physical appearance, emphasizing that love emanates from the heart regardless of outward appearance.

“Watching someone grow up with you and grow old with you is a very spiritual journey. To watch each other change … whatever it may be, the hair, the waist. But it’s the love in the heart,” said the actor in an interview about his wife, indicating the profound bond they share.

After enduring criticism for her weight over the years, Keely surprised many when she appeared at the Oscar Wilde Awards with a noticeably slimmer figure. Fans reacted with praise for her transformation, inundating the couple’s red carpet photos with comments lauding her weight loss.

As Pierce expressed admiration for his wife, fans echoed their support for Keely’s new look, reaffirming the strength of their relationship. Pierce’s acknowledgment of Keely’s journey from cyberbullying to confidence on the red carpet serves as an inspiration, highlighting the enduring bond they share.