How Marion Cotillard’s first love turned into a waking nightmare for her.

“The easiest way to overcome obstacles is not to notice them” – the words that became the slogan of the charming Marion Cotillard. It would seem, what difficulties might a talented and successful actress have? After all, now we can say with complete confidence that she has everything one can only dream of: a dizzying career, a loving husband, beautiful children. However, the star’s eyes did not always shine with happiness. We tell you what trials befell Marion Cotillard , after which she withdrew into herself and almost gave up.

Marion Cotillard’s trials, which became a test of strength for the actress

First love – first pain, tears and loss

World fame approached the actress in Luc Besson’s Taxi. The role of the charming Lily Bertino made the French beauty a star. At the same time, fate presented her with another gift: a sensual and true first love. The heart of the charming woman was won by the aspiring actor and representative of the Parisian bohemian Julien Rassam . Being the son of a famous director, the young man had many useful connections, which he used to help his other half. Having felt loved, desired and precious for the first time, Marion could no longer imagine life without her lover. However, a beautiful love story, consisting of romantic evenings, poetry and social receptions, ended tragically . And Julien himself is to blame for this.

After the actor’s mother committed suicide, he tried in every possible way to drown out this pain. And one of these ways was the use of prohibited substances . Cotillard understood that her chosen one was digging a hole for himself. But no matter what she did, it was all in vain. Having fallen into the abyss of grief, Rassam could no longer get out of it. Either under the influence of substances, or because of a desire to reunite with his mother, the actor stepped out of the third floor window of the Raphael Hotel in Paris. Then he was unable to give up his life. However, what he feared most happened happened.

Julien found himself confined to a wheelchair . The thought that he had forever become a burden to his beloved did not allow him to fight for happiness. Despite the fact that it was extremely difficult for Marion to combine acting, advertising campaigns, travel and caring for the paralyzed Rassam, she did not show it. But sweet speeches about a cloudless future together could not dispel the darkness into which the broken young man plunged. Two years later, he repeated his act, which this time took his life .

Trying to piece myself back together again

The desire to escape from sadness and forgetfulness brought the beauty to Goa. There, sitting by the ocean, she thought that her soul had left along with her beloved. After being alone and inspired by Hindu teachings, she decided to give fate another chance. For some time, Cotillard left her career as an actress and joined the Greenpeace organization. Next on the agenda was a trip to South Africa. But a happy accident prompted the beauty to return to cinema .

Thanks to her acquaintance with Tim Burton and a small role in his film “Big Fish,” the actress changed her mind about ending her career. Marion was then offered to star in Ian Samuel’s film Love Me If You Dare. On the set, the director introduced Cotillard to her co-star. This person was Guillaume Canet . “He used to be a jockey, but then he broke his back and became a producer of his own films. In general, you will have something to discuss ,” Samuel joked.

She did not yet know that this meeting would change her whole life . For each other, Cotillard and Canet were nothing more than just friends and colleagues on the set. At that time, Guillaume was married to the German actress Diane Kruger, to whom he enthusiastically conveyed greetings on camera. And Marion was in a relationship with director Stéphane Guerin-Tillier. Despite their on-screen love, a real romance was out of the question for them. Of course, for the time being.

She chose happiness

The years passed. The actress tried herself in a new relationship, but it was not successful. At the same time, Guillaume’s marriage to Diana was rapidly collapsing. They eventually separated but remained friends. At the same time, the thread of fate brought Cane and Marion together . They started talking and agreed on another meeting. So, meeting after meeting, a fire broke out between colleagues. 14 years have passed since then , and they are still happy together and raising a son and daughter.

In her relationship with Guillaume Canet, the actress finally found happiness, calm and feminine wisdom. “I learned to look at my mental torment with irony . Being close to my husband and children, I belong only to them ,” says Marion Cotillard.

We hope that nothing else will spoil the star’s family idyll. After all, after so much suffering, she definitely deserved it. Agree?