How David and Victoria Beckham’s romance really started and why their first dates took place in the football player’s car.

David and Victoria Beckham have now become almost an example of a strong celebrity couple. The legendary football player and the former Spice Girls member have four children together and regularly appear at social events. Tellingly, the couple still look happy with themselves and life. But only a few star couples can boast of this! In an interview, David and Victoria unanimously assure that their romance was like a fairy tale from the very beginning. Alas, life makes its own adjustments: at the beginning of the relationship, the future Beckham spouses had many difficulties!

Romance in the life of young David and Victoria

It sounds paradoxical, but before Victoria, David did not have a serious relationship. Journalists were only able to unearth a short platonic romance between the then 15-year-old Beckham and an American girl of his own age, whom the promising young man met on the plane on the way to Dallas. But even this long-distance relationship ended before it really began.

But Posh Spice had enough fans before David. First there was Mark Woods, a security alarm specialist. The then very young Vicki dated him for four years and even became engaged . But then the future Mrs. Beckham faced a choice between relationships and career. And Victoria decided to break up with Mark to become a pop star.

Boyfriends of a young star

When fame came to the girl, new suitors appeared along with her. True, there were few of them either. The romance with actor Corey Haim turned out to be so fleeting that the paparazzi found out about it already when Victoria was Madame Beckham. Well, then a certain Stuart Bilton appeared, with whom things almost came to a wedding. All the cards were confused by the appearance of Vicky David in his life.

According to rumors, Beckham fell in love with his future wife after seeing one of the Spice Girls’ videos on TV . The footballer, overcome with emotion, began to act immediately. At Beckham’s request, Victoria’s group was invited to Manchester United’s charity match. There the fateful meeting of the future couple took place.

David and Victoria Beckham: the beginning of a relationship

At first, Victoria said: “ I was not at all interested in football and had no idea who he was .” Only many years later, the singer admitted that she had made inquiries about her active boyfriend before the actual meeting. Be that as it may, Vika and David fell in love with each other literally at first sight. Stewart was given a turn away. But the main problem of the couple was not the singer’s ex-lover!

You see, at that time, Victoria’s schedule, as a member of a super-popular supergroup, was scheduled for a couple of years in advance. There was no room for love, relationships, marriage, and especially pregnancy. And the all-powerful Simon Fuller , manager of the Spice Girls , was obsessed with the idea that his beloved group would be destroyed by a man.

New manager idea

The situation was somewhat smoothed over by Fuller’s ardent love for Manchester United. Alas, Simon soon became obsessed with a new idea . Now the manager of the Spice Girls is eager to personally organize the couple’s relationship right up to Victoria and David’s first night. Needless to say, the lovers were by no means happy with Fuller’s behavior!

And so it turned out that the couple’s first full dates took place right in Beckham’s car. Victoria later recalled that she and David could talk for hours about everything under the sun in the back seats of the car. The girl was not going to put up with Fuller’s mania and defended her freedom ! Simon only got Vika to promise to hide her affair with David, and the singer succeeded in doing so for a couple of months.

Marriage and a bright future

Then there was the delight of the press, the rings that appeared on the fingers of the bride and groom, and Victoria’s pregnancy that finally broke Fuller’s plans. For the lovers themselves, the child became a gift from above ! You see, at the age of 20, Victoria was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome. Doctors doubted whether the girl would be able to get pregnant at all. Of course, the singer also let David in on her secret. That is why the couple considered Victoria’s pregnancy as a signal from above.

In July 1999, Posh Spice officially married David. More than 20 years have passed since then, the couple have gone through fire, water and copper pipes together . The couple’s daughter is growing up, and the older sons are already bringing home girlfriends. And Victoria and David Beckham still go through life hand in hand.