How Angelina Jolie feels about her ex-husband’s exploits.

Often, even after breaking up, couples find it difficult to let go of the past. Without wanting it themselves, they become silent observers of each other’s lives. After their divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remained linked. How could it be otherwise, they have children together. And besides this, there are a couple more unresolved issues in court. But the actors try not to get involved in each other’s personal lives. Perhaps they are simply pretending that the past is in the past, but in fact there is interest. Recently there were rumors that Brad now has a girlfriend . I wonder how Jolie reacted to Pitt’s new novel ? Then read about it in the material.

How Jolie reacted to Pitt’s new novel

Brad Pitt’s adventures are constantly gossiped about. In fact, after the divorce, he didn’t have many novels, and there was nothing to talk about serious relationships at all. Brad was recently credited with a new novel. According to rumors, his chosen one was 29-year-old Ines de Ramon , a healthy lifestyle coach and fitness trainer. The girl was seen with Pitt. They went to a concert, the actor even introduced Ines to his close friends.

Did his ex-wife react in any way to Pitt’s possible relationship? Angelina diligently pretends that she doesn’t care . Although, who knows, maybe this is really the case. Now the actress has a lot to do, and she tries to focus on herself, her children, and her activities.

Jolie is very busy

An insider close to Angelina Jolie said that the actress lives at a frantic pace. It’s difficult for her to keep up with her children’s schedules, let alone keep track of where and with whom her ex-husband went out . Besides, Angelina is busy with work. She is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and is currently focused on refugee issues.

“She’s very busy, so when it comes to Brad, unless it’s related to their kids or legal issues, she doesn’t take the time to do it , ” the insider shares.

Angelina most often meets with Brad in court. They still have unresolved matters. First of all, this concerns children and their guardianship . After Angelina accused Brad of violence during the incident on the plane , the former spouses find it difficult to come to a compromise about the children.

In any case, life goes on. And it’s even commendable that Brad continues to look for a life partner. Maybe Ines de Ramon will become her?