Hollywood stars Vin Diesel, 55, and Helen Mirren, 77, have formed an unexpected and surprising friendship

Vin Diesel once celebrated his birthday in Rome with Helen Mirren.

Mirren sparked dating rumors after stating she “adores” the dashing actor, who is 22 years her junior.

Mirren revealed that she wanted to meet Diesel for a reason, and she was the one who approached the actor and asked him for a role in one of his hit films.

Hollywood stars Vin Diesel, 55, and Helen Mirren, 77, have formed an unexpected and surprising friendship. The duo’s bond has piqued fans’ interest, leaving many wondering if the pair’s camaraderie could lead to something more.

Diesel has portrayed many movie characters, but he definitely gained fame for his role in the “Fast & Furious” films. While his successful career is admired by many, some remain curious about his personal life. Recently, he has been rumored to be dating Mirren.

Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel attend the 45th Chaplin Award Gala on April 30, 2018 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Mirren has long been admired for her career and fearless views on relationships, beauty, and aging. She shares with French women the attitude of aging on her own terms, whether intentional or not. She defies the societal expectations of women of a certain age by embracing aging “disgracefully.”

Despite proudly wearing gray hair, Mirren, 77, doesn’t shy away from building a special bond with a younger man. In fact, she was the one who first came up to Diesel to snag a role in his film.

Mirren was particularly noteworthy for her portrayal of Queenie Shaw in two recent films, “The Fate of The Furious” from 2017 and “F9” from 2021. These films are part of the hit “Fast & Furious” franchise, famously associated with actors Diesel and the late Paul Walker.

Diesel gained fame for playing Dominic Toretto, while Walker portrayed the character Brian O’Connor before he died in 2013. Mirren, for her part, recalled having a good time while filming the two sequels.

Admittedly a fan of the fast lane, the actress found it funny that all she got to do in the 2017 film was stay imprisoned in the back of an ambulance. She never got to demonstrate her driving skills at then. However, she finally showed her driving abilities when she returned for the 2021 film.

In a 2022 People interview, Mirren recounted how she landed a role in the popular film franchise and revealed it happened during a chance encounter with Diesel at an evening party in Nobu.

According to Mirren, she has always believed that if someone truly desires your presence, they will make an effort to approach you. She has never actively pursued a role, even if it was one that she was deeply interested in.

However, despite having her own strict standards for being selected for a part in film or television projects, Mirren totally disregarded them when she met Diesel. She recalled:

“I saw Vin and introduced myself and shamelessly begged him to put me in one of his movies. He very sweetly did and I am eternally grateful to him.”

Mirren admitted she had always envisioned herself as a swift driver and was thrilled to have the opportunity to appear in the iconic films centered solely on fast driving.

The upcoming film “Fast X” will feature Diesel and Mirren reprising their roles, much to the excitement of fans. Following the success of the previous sequel, fans have expressed their desire for more scenes between Dominic and Queenie, including a kissing scene for the on-screen pair.

During a 2021 interview with the New York Times, Mirren indicated that she has supported the fans’ long-standing request, stating, “a very chaste kiss would be nice.”

Meanwhile, in Collider’s report, when Mirren was asked again whether she wanted to share a kissing scene with Diesel, she exclaimed, “oh my God, of course, I would!”

For the plan to proceed, Mirren requested one condition that Diesel must converse with her before and after the scene for a reason, “Because it’s the voice that I really get off on, quite honestly.”

Vin Diesel arrives at the premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Fast & Furious 6" on May 21, 2013, in Universal City, California. | Source: Getty Images

Furthermore, Mirren has also praised Diesel’s other qualities, contributing to his appeal in the highly-regarded film. She noted that Diesel has the “most unbelievable voice,” describing it as a “velvety brown rumble” type of voice.

Whenever she heard him talk, Mirren admitted feeling “a bit gooey.” For Mirren, Diesel’s voice was like listening to a perfectly lubricated engine. In addition to that, she was thoroughly impressed by Diesel’s adeptness behind the wheel.

According to Mirren, Diesel was also patient with him regarding the various technologies used in the film. She said filming the movie was too complex for her.

Mirren admitted she was unfamiliar with the set’s surroundings, which was a completely different setting than those she had previously worked on. The stunning actress remarked, “So it was a great help to have a good friend sitting next to me, for sure.”

Initially, the actress confessed to being intimidated while filming car scenes. However, as time passed, she acclimatized to the experience and realized working with Diesel was “easy and lovely.”

A Close Relationship with Vin Diesel
Since becoming co-stars, Mirren and Diesel have formed a unique bond. They have danced together in the rain and sipped red wine in the garden.

In August 2021, Mirren posted a lovely photo of her and her co-star sharing a sweet moment on Instagram. The celebrity duo attended the Dolce & Gabbana show at St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, and Mirren dancing with Diesel by the stage stole the show.

Mirren dazzled in an embellished ball gown with a bejeweled gold bodice around her waist, while Diesel looked suave in his elegant dark suit. The guests enjoyed watching them dance.

Mirren was in great spirits that evening, captioning her post, “I danced in the rain with VIN DIESEL!” Even though the weather was not good, many of Mirren’s dedicated Instagram fans praised the adorable moment the two shared.

The dynamic duo did not only captivate the audience at the Venetian fashion show with their sweet dance, but they also caused a stir among their admirers in a black-and-white photo of Mirren and Diesel looking cozy together.

The picture showed the pair sitting on a bench, with Diesel wearing a sleeveless shirt and dark pants and Mirren in a white shirt and black dress. Diesel had his arm around Mirren’s shoulders while she held onto his hands below her shoulders.

The photo appeared to be part of Diesel’s 55th birthday celebration in Rome on July 22, 2022. The Antica Pesa restaurant’s garden area, a renowned celebrity hotspot, was where the two co-stars were reportedly spotted with a producer of the latest “Fast & Furious” sequel, “Fast X.”

According to a source, Diesel initially wore a blazer but later took it off due to the hot weather. He and the acclaimed actress enjoyed drinking red wine and later switched to prosecco for the birthday toast.

The group enjoyed traditional Italian cuisine, and Diesel was surprised with a Victoria sponge cake, his favorite dessert. The source mentioned that Diesel and Mirren had an “amazing time” together.

During the celebration, Diesel led the group in singing “Happy Birthday” to himself but playfully changed the lyrics to “Happy Birthday, dear Helen” in honor of Mirren, whose birthday falls on July 26.

The renowned film franchise has made Mirren feel welcome and has brought a smile to her face. On the set of “Fast X,” she was reportedly seen gently touching Diesel’s face while filming a scene. Thus, fans have wondered if there is more to their relationship seeing the undeniable chemistry they share.

Fans Believe Helen and Vin Are Dating
As two prominent figures in the entertainment industry, Mirren and Diesel’s actions have caught the attention of many, leading fans to tweet about a possible romance between them.

One Twitter user noted that the most amusing aspect of the entire “Fast & Furious” sequel was the film’s unsuccessful attempt to conceal Diesel and Mirren’s “insane chemistry.”

Another fan tweeted, “I want what they have,” along with screenshots of online articles about Mirren and Diesel’s intriguing relationship.


Another admirer shared Mirren and Diesel’s sweet snaps and hoped that there’s more to their friendship, saying, “I convinced my friend that Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel are dating, but aren’t monogamous.”

Despite all the dating speculations, one fan wished for Diesel and Mirren to confirm their relationship status publicly since dating announcements have been a frequent move for most celebrity couples today.

As fans theorized about the duo’s relationship, Mirren and Diesel recently exchanged compliments. Mirren also revealed her relationship status with the handsome actor—they appear to be just friends who share “inexplicable” chemistry.

Chemistry, for Mirren, is a concept that she finds perplexing. She went on to explain that sharing chemistry on-screen illustrates not only the sweet side of it but also the “disastrous” side of it as well.

She said there were those well-matched couples who have great chemistry off-screen but fail to translate that kind of romance when they star in films together. But for the “most random people,” Mirren added, they share instant chemistry.

The renowned actress and Diesel’s relationship seemed to fall under the idea of unexpected but instant chemistry on-screen. “I adore him,” says Mirren about Diesel, who is 22 years younger than her.

Although Diesel may have had alleged disagreements with some of his “Fast & Furious” colleagues, he never felt any bad blood with Mirren. He greatly admires the British actress.

According to the famous actor, Mirren has a timeless charm, stunning looks, and a lively personality. Furthermore, he stated Mirren’s most appealing quality: “She always makes you feel appreciated and loved. And for that, I love her forever.”

Some may not be aware that Mirren and Diesel are actually happily in love with their significant partners. Mirren has been married to her husband, film director and former Directors Guild of America president Taylor Hackford, since 1997. She is a stepmother to Hackford’s two sons from his previous marriage.

Taylor Hackford, Helen Mirren, and Vin Diesel attend the 45th Chaplin Award Gala at Lincoln Center on April 30, 2018, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

Meanwhile, Diesel has been in a long-term relationship with Mexican model Paloma Jimenez, and they have kept their relationship private for years. It’s not known how the pair met, but they have been together since 2007.

It took Diesel a couple of years for him to find the perfect match and reach a level of maturity that would enable him to excel as a devoted father, which was his ultimate goal.

Before dating Jimenez, Diesel was reported to have briefly dated his “Fast & Furious” co-star, Michelle Rodriguez. After that, Diesel concluded that he would rather date women not part of the entertainment industry to protect his privacy.

While Jimenez and Diesel are yet to tie the knot, they are proud parents to three adorable children. Their eldest daughter Hania Riley was born in April 2008, followed by their son Vincent in 2010.

In 2015, Diesel and Jimenez welcomed their youngest daughter, Pauline, whose name was a tribute to Walker. Hanie, out of the pair’s three children, has followed in Diesel’s footsteps in show business.

The father-daughter duo contributed their voices to Netflix’s spin-off and animated version of “Fast and Furious,” titled “Fast and Furious: Spy Racers.”

Vin Diesel and his children, Hania Riley Sinclair, Vincent Sinclair and Pauline Sinclair attend "The Lion King" European Premiere at Leicester Square on July 14, 2019, in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

Although the identities of Diesel’s partner and their children are already known in public, the dad of three has preferred to keep further details of his family private.

Diesel stated his wish to uphold the confidentiality of his personal life, clarifying that he won’t conform to the common practice of featuring his family on magazine covers like many of his peers do.

Fans can put their concerns to rest now that both Diesel and Mirren are happy with their respective long-term partners. Diesel appears content with Jimenez and their three kids, and Mirren seems extremely happy to have an enduring marriage with her Hackford.

Despite rumors of a romantic relationship, Mirren and Diesel’s work together on screen has provided us with many memorable moments. While it is unknown whether Diesel and Mirren will share an on-screen kiss, the duo has effectively captivated their fans’ interest.