He can’t tear himself away from his mother’s skirt. How Bradley Cooper’s mother ruined his personal life.

Admiring female fans often idealize Bradley Cooper. Well, he’s talented, handsome, rich. But even what at first glance seems ideal is usually not so. Even the flawless Cooper has his flaws. It turns out that the 47-year-old actor is very attached to his mother . We would even say that he can’t keep his hands off her skirt. True, this sounds slightly insulting to an adult successful man. Let’s not immediately call the star a mama’s boy, but let’s provide a few facts. Let’s start with the fact that Bradley Cooper lives with his mother under the same roof, moreover, in neighboring rooms.

Bradley Cooper and his mother are inseparable

The Hollywood handsome man completely destroys the stereotypical opinion that all mama’s boys are complete mattresses who cannot achieve anything in life. Bradley has achieved a lot that others only dream of. But this brutal macho has one weakness. At 47, Cooper still depends heavily on his mother. Her name is Gloria Campano, and this lady lives in the same house with her son. And in the next room.

Mother and son moved in together when Bradley’s father passed away. This was a blow to the family. Of course, it is not surprising that the relatives decided to support each other by living together. Condemning such things is cynical and tactless. But the thing is that Gloria and Bradley’s cohabitation dragged on . And not for a year or two, but for ten whole years! It is also interesting that the actor’s mother was not at all embarrassed by the fact that, perhaps, at times she interfered with his personal life.

Bradley Cooper’s mom literally survived his lovers

There is a type of woman for whom it is very difficult to send children to free swimming. Especially when it comes to sons. Apparently, Gloria Campano is exactly this type. How is it possible, why should a mother share her beloved Bradley with another woman? Cooper did not refuse relationships with representatives of the opposite sex. He even invited the women he dated to live in his home. Of course, my mother came with luxurious apartments to boot. This awaited Zoe Saldana, Irina Shayk and other girls.

Bradley’s mom worked hard to get them out of the house. So far, in the confrontation “Cooper’s Passion vs. Cooper’s Mom,” the latter is obviously winning. Gloria Campano literally did not allow her son to be alone with this or that girl. In addition, my mother constantly went with Bradley to all sorts of social events, even if he did not go there himself, but with a girl. Rumor has it that Gloria could not stand Irina Shayk , Bradley’s ex-wife and the mother of their common daughter Leah. You know, it’s not for nothing that they say that the relationship between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law can quickly deteriorate if they live together. Gloria and Irina are excellent proof of this.

Gloria Campano did not want her son to have children

Perhaps Cooper’s mother simply did not want her son to have children with Irina Shayk. Because she couldn’t stand Bradley’s wife. Gloria believed that Irina was chasing rich men. Although, if you think logically, why does she need this? The supermodel, in my opinion, perfectly supports herself, and her fortune would be enough for ten husbands, if they were poor. It seems that this argument did not occur to Gloria Campano, or she carefully put it out of her head.

Gloria is the owner. Not only does she not want to share her son with another woman, but she also does not want to share Bradley with his own child . Yes, Gloria clearly cannot be called a gentle granny. Insiders claim that Cooper’s mother has absolutely no affection for her granddaughter Leah. She practically does not spend time with the baby. In addition, she tries in every possible way to ensure that Bradley follows her example. True, Gloria has not yet succeeded in achieving this. Bradley is drawn to his daughter and wants to spend more and more time with her.

No weddings, listen to mom!

Gloria Campano used to like to repeat that a worthy girl for her son had not yet been born . When Bradley and Irina Shayk’s relationship reached a serious stage, their mother really didn’t want them to get married. According to Gloria, a wedding is a waste of money. If Bradley Cooper cannot allocate money for the celebration, then what can we say about the rest. Interestingly, Cooper actually shared his wedding plans with Irina. However, as soon as such conversations reached his mother, the grandiose plans immediately became less grandiose. And soon Bradley and Irina broke up completely. Whether there is a trace of Gloria Campano in all this, one can only guess.

Intrudes not only into personal life, but also into work

It turns out that Bradley Cooper’s mother is his main critic and adviser in terms of his acting career. It’s hard to believe, but the Hollywood star agrees to film only in those projects that his mother approved . What if Gloria Campano didn’t like the ideas of the films “Nightmare Alley”, “A Star is Born”, “Dark Area” and others? Apparently, then fans would not have seen their favorite actor in these films. And all thanks to his mother. We also note that any contract Cooper usually reads first is his mother, and only then he himself. Such is the hyperprotection.

Well, we don’t even know whether to be happy for Bradley, since his mother cares about him so much, or worry about how she “takes care”…