Gigi Hadid faced criticism from fans after post in support of Palestine.

The famous model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid have never hidden their origins . The beauties were born into the family of a Palestinian tycoon and supported their father’s homeland. But now Gigi Hadid’s position is causing fierce criticism among her former fans. Against the backdrop of the conflict unfolding in the Middle East, the models’ imprudent statements brought the wrath of thousands of people to the heads of the beauties.

Gigi Hadid’s position: what is the problem?

Model history

Gijdi and Bella were born in Los Angeles . Their father, Mohamed Hadid, is a wealthy businessman and construction magnate of Palestinian origin. Their mother Yolanda is a former Dutch supermodel. It was largely thanks to Yolanda that Gigi and Bella decided to connect their lives with the modeling business.

You can’t just become a celebrity in the modern world. From a star, people demand not only hard work in their chosen field of activity, but also an adequate civic position. And this has not been all right with the beautiful model for a long time . At one time, Gigi was even accused of racism , which is why the beauty lost her entry visa to China.

Support for Palestine

Both Gigi and Bella regularly express sympathy for the people of Palestine . True, the models do not do this in the best way. Just a year ago, Gigi Hadid’s position already caused fierce criticism from the public due to the fact that the woman managed to directly compare Palestinians and Ukrainians.

It is clear that the Israelis did not like this state of affairs. Gigi was immediately accused of anti-Semitism , and representatives of the model’s employer from Vogue magazine had to explain. Well, now the beauty has come under attack after making a comment on her personal Instagram blog towards the peoples of Israel and Palestine.

Action and consequences

Gigi wrote the following post: “This conflict is taking more and more innocent lives every day. Children are suffering! I mourn the struggle and life of Palestinians under occupation. But I also feel a responsibility to my Jewish friends. My hopes and dreams for the Palestinians in no way imply harm to the people of Israel . ”

The girl separately emphasized: “Attacks on civilians are completely inconsistent with the goals and actions of the movement for the liberation of Palestine, and support for Palestine is not at all equal to anti-Semitism . ” But that didn’t help her. Representatives of the Israeli government reacted to Gigi’s words, reproaching the star for hypocrisy.

Public reaction

The Israelis were supported by many of the model’s fans, rightly pointing out that the celebrity’s post looks like an average manifesto “for everything good against everything bad . ” In addition, Gigi made every effort not to mention a single word about the organization that attacked Israel.

Neither Gigi nor her sister Bella have yet responded to the outraged fans . But the father of the beauties has already announced that he is preparing a statement to the FBI, the reason for which, they say, was the mass of threats directed at his family. The public outcry caused by the ill-considered actions of the models is gaining momentum…