“Fast & Furious” Star Paul Walker’s Only Daughter, Meadow, Was 14 When Her Daddy Died at the Age of 40 After His Car Burst into Flames.

Paul Walker resided with his sole child, Meadow, until his tragic demise in a car accident. Subsequently, a custody dispute ensued, resulting in Meadow severing ties with her father’s family.

The celebrated star of the “Fast and The Furious” franchise, Paul Walker, commenced a relationship with Rebecca Soteros in early 1998, predating his international stardom. Though brief, their liaison bore a daughter, Meadow Walker, born on November 4, 1998.

Walker’s life took a turn in 2001 when he landed the role of Brian O’Connor in “Fast and the Furious.” Despite the circumstances leading to the end of his relationship with Soteros, Walker cherished his bond with Meadow.

At the age of 14, Meadow relocated to Austin to live with her father, a transition that brought immense joy to Walker. He regarded Meadow as his greatest companion, having spent years yearning for their cohabitation.

Embracing full-time fatherhood, Walker was thrilled, especially after years of living a nomadic lifestyle due to his burgeoning career. Meadow became his top priority, often collaborating with him in evaluating potential projects.

Despite the geographical separation during Meadow’s upbringing in Hawaii, Walker’s affection for his daughter remained unwavering, as noted by a family member in a 2018 documentary.

Following Walker’s tragic passing in 2013, Meadow inherited his estate as the sole beneficiary, a testament to their close relationship. However, disputes over guardianship and control of the estate arose, leading to a protracted legal battle.

Ultimately, Meadow settled with her mother in California, as stipulated in Walker’s will, while Cheryl Ann Walker, Paul’s mother, relinquished control of the estate. Despite the ordeal, Meadow remained content with the arrangement.

Since the custody battle, Meadow has reportedly distanced herself from her father’s side of the family, prompting sadness among relatives. Nevertheless, they remain hopeful for reconciliation, longing to rekindle their bond with Meadow.

At 24 years old, Meadow has found her calling in marine conservation, aligning with her father’s philanthropic endeavors through “The Paul Walker Foundation,” which supports marine biology research and provides scholarships.

When it comes to her appearance, Meadow embraces her natural beauty. She exudes confidence without makeup and flaunts her short, jet-black haircut.

The 24-year-old revealed that she only applies makeup during shoots. In her personal time, she prefers going au naturel and feels less inclined to take photos when wearing makeup.

In a heartwarming announcement on Instagram, the model disclosed her marriage to Louis Thornton Allen. Notably, Vin Diesel, Walker’s co-star in “Fast and the Furious,” serves as Meadow’s godfather. He joyously celebrated the occasion and reportedly escorted Meadow down the aisle on her special day.

During Easter festivities, Meadow shared snapshots of herself beaming and strolling amidst a garden of flowers, eliciting admiration from fans. Commenters showered her with compliments, likening her to an angel and praising her captivating beauty.