Don Johnson, a.k.a. James “Sonny” Crockett from “Miami Vice,” has a beautiful grown-up daughter, Grace, who showed off her gorgeous lithe swimsuit-clad figure in a new photo.

“Miami Vice” star Don Johnson gave up his vices when he met his schoolteacher wife, who changed his life.

The couple’s only daughter grew up to be a beautiful woman and showed off her hourglass figure.

Don has four more kids who have inherited his good looks. He opened up about his relationship with his children.

The famous heartthrob Don Johnson made a name for himself acting in the 1980s police drama “Miami Vice.” These days, the actor spends his time with his family whenever he isn’t working on a new TV show or film. However, the 73-year-old admitted that he changed his life after meeting his current wife.

Before meeting his wife, Don’s life was centered around many material things. The actor owned several cars, a number of boats, and a ranch, among other things. Despite his many possessions, Don was miserable. He had been married to the actress Melanie Griffith twice, but the union ended badly each time.

Don Johnson in Florida, November 1986 | Source: Getty Images

After looking for happiness in all the wrong places, Don was out of ideas. That was until he attended a party celebrating the birthday of the mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown. Attending the same party was the teacher and socialite, Kelley Phleger, and when Don spotted her, he knew he wanted to marry her.

Don commented on the first time he laid eyes on Kelley, revealing that he thought she was breathtaking. Kelley’s bearing intrigued Don endlessly, and he knew he had to meet her. So, through the night, he made a plan to introduce himself to her.

Over the next few months, they grew close, and Don eventually proposed to Kelley. The couple tied the knot, and Don was so happy in his new marriage that he sold most of his old belongings and quit all his old “vices.” Don opened up about his decision to ask Kelley to become his wife:

“I had a rare moment of clarity and asked this woman to marry me.”

Don Johnson and Kelley Phleger at Hollywood & Highland Center on February 24, 2013 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

The happy couple went on to have three children together. They share one daughter and two sons. Don revealed that seeing Kelley breastfeed their first baby inspired him to get sober. He said, “I walked in and there was this wonderful little scene of Madonna and child at the breakfast table. And that’s when it hit me.”

How Does Don’s Daughter with a Teacher Look & What Does Dad Think About Her?
Don and Kelley are the proud parents of Grace Johnson, Jasper Johnson, and Deacon Johnson. The couple’s oldest, Grace, has become something of a celebrity herself. Grace was born in December 1999 and grew up to be a model. She signed with the modeling agency IMG, making her runway debut in 2019.

Besides the three kids he shares with Kelley, Don also has two other children with two other women.

Grace showed off her hourglass figure in an Instagram post. The model shared an image of her sunbathing on a beach, captioning the post, “Mid heat rash.” Her fans and followers took to the comment section to let her know how beautiful she looked. One adoring fan wrote, “Beautiful.”

Another fan also commented, “beautiful,” while one user applauded her, writing, “Well done.” Grace’s dad also showed how proud he is of his daughter by posting a video of her walking down Hollywood Boulevard for a Gucci fashion show.

Don made a post on her 23rd birthday. The picture showed Grace as a little girl trying on a pair of shoes. Don captioned the post, “Puttin’ on her party shoes! Happy birthday to my Gracie Girl 🎂 love you so much, Dad ❤️.”

In another post, Don admired his daughter and shared a photo of them hugging. The post also had a close-up of Grace, and the dad showed how proud he was by captioning the two images, “Wanna see my stunningly beautiful daughter?… swipe left.”

Grace’s mom is just as proud of her as Don. In the video Don posted of Grace doing a fashion show for Gucci, Kelley could be seen ecstatically filming her daughter and proudly smiling as Grace strutted by.

What Relationship Does Don Johnson Have with His Wife and His Other Kids?
Besides the three kids he shares with Kelley, Don also has two other children with two other women. He shares a daughter with his ex-wife, Melanie. The two welcomed their only child together, Dakota Johnson, in 1989. Dakota made her film debut in 1999, playing the on-screen daughter of her real mother’s character in the film “Crazy in Alabama.”

Dakota became financially independent at a young age. After she finished high school, she refused to go to college, which meant Don declined to support her. Knowing this, she landed a role in “The Social Network,” three weeks after her dad quized her on how she would support herself.

Don joked that Dakota is so independent she only calls him to cancel plans due to her busy schedule. Don also shares a son with actress Patti D’Arbanville. The two had their boy, Jesse Johnson, out of wedlock, and Jesse, a carbon copy of his dad, also chose to follow in Don’s footsteps.

Don and Kelley are blissfully married, and the adore their children. A source close to the family revealed that the Johnsons live a “charmed” life and take family time seriously. Apparently, Don’s brood is his priority, wanting family time to be “sacred.”

Don also proudly displays his two youngest sons to the world on social media. He posted an image of him and his youngest, Deacon, as they sat court-side at a basketball game. The two smiled at the camera as they enjoyed the game, and Don captioned the post:

“Me and my BBall fee-nom at the FINAL FOUR!!”

The actor also posted a snapshot of his whole family, writing, “Johnson heads minus 2.” In the snapshot, the entire Johnson family lay down on their backs and put their heads together in a circle. Don’s 20-year-old son, Jasper, his 16-year-old, Deacon, and the 23-year-old Gracie could be seen alongside Don himself and his wife.