Dolly Parton Couldn’t Have a Kid & Became a Protective ‘Fairy Godmother’ to Miley Cyrus Who Is like Her

Dolly Parton learned she couldn’t have kids in 1984.

She became a protective godmother to pop singer Miley Cyrus.

The two share a special bond that has seen them speak sweetly of one another and support each other’s careers.

Country music legend Dolly Parton has been married to her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, for 57 years. The two, who tied the knot on May 30, 1966, have no kids. Parton opened up about why she never had kids.

In 1982, the singer experienced painful abdominal bleeding that forced her to seek medical help and cancel a tour. Again, in 1984, she went through a partial hysterectomy and was told she would never be able to have kids.

This news put the singer into a two-year depression and pushed her into scaling down her professional commitments. She admitted that the period was a horrible time for her but that she viewed it as a message from God, who was telling her to slow down so that she could deal with the stuff in her life.

Parton added that God has a plan for everything and that it was his plan for her not to have kids so that everyone else’s children would become hers. However, she said that prior to her health issues, she and her husband had discussed having children. The two had wondered if their kids would be tall like Dean or short like her. They even came up with the name Carla for their future daughter.

Parton has accepted that their dream to become parents wasn’t meant to be, and as she and her husband got older, they realized it was best that they never embarked on parenthood.

Parton believed that if she had become a mother, she would have given up everything else out of guilt from going on tour and leaving her kids at home. Nothing would have remained the same if the singer had become a parent, and she probably wouldn’t be a country music legend. Still, the singer got to be a mother in other ways by becoming a godmother to an iconic pop singer.

Parton became the godmother of Miley Cyrus because she was a good friend to Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus. When Cyrus was born, her father and Parton agreed that she’d be the goddaughter of the singer.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Dolly Parton, and Miley Cyrus attend MusiCares Person of the Year honoring Dolly Parton in Los Angeles on February 8, 2019. | Source: Getty Images

The 77-year-old took her responsibility as Cyrus’ godmother seriously. Cyrus was a kid when she first started starring on “Hannah Montana.” She turned 13 on the set and became famous and rich during that time. However, she didn’t develop what she called “new money syndrome,” as her godmother taught her never to let success change her.

Parton said Cyrus was sensational on “Hannah Montana.” Cyrus, who calls her godmother “Aunt Dolly,” was also the one who suggested Parton be part of the show, and the country singer was taken on. Parton recalled that she really loved the time the two spent on the sitcom. “Here I am, you know, Miley’s fairy godmother, and on the show and kind of sharing all that with her,” she gushed.

The two worked so well together on the sitcom, and thanks to Cyrus, Parton got a whole new following of young people who listened to her songs. The “Two Doors Down” singer was impressed by Cyrus. “For me, watching her being such a pro, she didn’t know it, but I was watching her like a proud mama, thinking you go, you little thing, I’m so proud of you,” she expressed.

Cyrus credits Parton for teaching her to be grounded, to treat people with respect, and to always say hi to the person at the bottom of the call sheet. Seeing how her godmother treats people with respect and love also reminds Cyrus and her family of what’s essential in life.

The “Jolene” singer not only teaches Cyrus important values in life, but she also protects and supports her. When Cyrus decided to get rid of her child star image and started to deliver more provocative performances, Parton defended her from her critics. She highlighted Cyrus’ growth over the years, noting how smart and talented she was.

According to Parton, Cyrus was just trying to find her own place. “She is like me,” Parton added, praising Cyrus as a great singer and songwriter who was just finding her wings and learning how to fly.

The “Wildflowers” singer only advised Cyrus about her career when she came to her for words of wisdom, but she never called her to tell her to stop doing her own thing. She supported Cyrus wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Now, Cyrus is a phenomenal singer who Parton has done duets with, and the two have sung each other’s songs.

Cyrus has never met anyone who doesn’t love her fairy godmother. She calls the singer “her idol” due to her incomparable career and sees her as her “role model” because of her steadfast morals and values.

“The Climb” singer wishes everyone would have a chance to meet Parton and see what a great hero she is. Parton is like a fairy godmother to everyone, and Cyrus is happy and willing to share her with the world.

The singer turned 30 in 2023 and is now creating music for herself. She is over the phase where she worked to prove people wrong and has taken a fresh path in her career and life. In December 2022, she partnered with Parton to host a TV special, “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party: Legendary,” on NBC. The singer said she and Dolly have a unique chemistry, realness, and love that people can’t resist watching.

The pair’s bond is so strong that when Cyrus informed Parton she wanted to go brunette, the country singer reacted like she’d been given the worst news ever. Parton told Cyrus, “You can’t do that. You are me.” So the singer decided to remain a blonde.

Parton and Cyrus’ bond was evident when the two did a “Wrecking Ball” duet in 2023. Cyrus shared the news on Instagram and said it was “an honor” to have the country singer sing one of her songs. “I love Aunt Dolly,” she added.

Parton replied to this post saying she was so “honored to be able to sing” with Cyrus and be around her. She described the singer as “the most gifted person” she knows, adding that, while she was proud of their record, she was prouder of her relationship with Cyrus.

The two have supported each other’s careers, and Parton has provided the much-needed guidance to her goddaughter. Parton also acknowledged that she and Cyrus always have sweet things to say about one another. And while this may “sound gushy” to others, she credits their relationship for being “truly real.”