Does Cameron Diaz regret her late motherhood? Became a mother for the first time at 47 years old.

The biggest fear of most new mothers over 40 is not having time to raise their child. And endless questions and pressure from society only add fuel to the fire. But you shouldn’t darken your life with empty doubts – this has been tested from personal experience by the famous actress and supermodel Cameron Diaz . Perhaps her story can convince those who are afraid of the prospect of late motherhood.

We are in a hurry to share the revelation of 48-year-old star Cameron Diaz about the birth of her first child. How the birth of her daughter changed her life and why the beauty intends to live to 107 years .

Cameron Diaz on late motherhood

In December 2019, Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden became parents for the first time. The couple had a sweet daughter. The baby was named Raddix . This news raised a flurry of discussions on the Internet, because at the time of the baby’s birth, the actress was 47 years old. Some condemned her decision, while for others this event gave a ray of hope. After all, many mature ladies, although they dream of having a child, still do not dare to make their dream come true.

About leaving cinema

According to Cameron, after leaving the world of cinema, she breathed a sigh of relief: “I gave half my life to other people and did what was expected of me. And I needed to get her back . ” The beauty assures that she is now happier than ever before and is grateful that she is entering the new decade with her daughter.

How life changed after the birth of a child

Diaz jokes that now there is no room for photos of dogs on her phone (the actress has 4 of them). After all, she devotes almost all her time to the baby: “Every moment with her is like in heaven . ” Cameron claims that this is the happiest period of her life . And we believe her! One glance is enough to understand this.

“I’m crazy about my new life as a parent. The baby is growing by leaps and bounds and every day surprises me with the fact that she is no longer the same as she was yesterday ,” notes the star.

“I have had many successful projects, exciting travels and amazing experiences. I’m really proud of this. But now I feel much happier. You know, when people start a family in their youth, they do it like everything else, because it’s necessary. In my case, this is an extremely conscious choice . And therefore it requires a lot of work ,” she assures.

Live to be 107 for your daughter

Despite all the joy associated with raising her first child, sometimes Cameron is overtaken by obsessive thoughts . “Most people get married and have children when they are young. However, this experience happened to me in the second half of my life. The only thing that worries me is how I can live to be 107 years old ,” the actress jokes.

Unfortunately, the actress is in no hurry to show off the heiress . According to the informant, the star wants to protect her daughter from increased attention: “Cameron and Benji protect Raddix, because her well-being is above all else for them . ”

Well, we hope Cameron Diaz will indeed join the ranks of long-livers. What do you think is the best age to have children? We are waiting for your answer in the comments!