“Did he get bitten by wasps?” How handsome Tom Cruise’s face has changed.

The actor is unrecognizable. The legendary Hollywood handsome man surprised fans with changes in appearance. 59-year-old Tom Cruise’s face is swollen, and now he doesn’t look like himself. The public began to build a variety of theories about what was to blame: Botox, steroids, age, or ordinary overeating? Let’s show you what it looks like now.

Tom Cruise’s face is very swollen

Until now, it seemed that the actor, who celebrates his 60th birthday next year, was even aging gracefully. Neither wrinkles nor a haggard face could spoil his attractive appearance. However, the star’s recent appearance at a baseball game in San Francisco has us doubting this.

Since Tom is a rather secretive person, there are practically no new pictures of him. And even those are carefully retouched before publication. But unexpectedly for himself, the actor stumbled . Deciding to take a little break from filming the latest part of the blockbuster “Mission: Impossible,” he and his son went to watch the athletes play. Of course, the organizers could not leave the star unattended by showing his face on the big screens.

Despite his clearly changed appearance, Cruise did not turn away from the cameras or demand that exclusive content be removed. He waved at the camera in a friendly manner, smiled and greeted the match spectators. Photos of the star taken from the sports event quickly spread across the Internet and received not the most flattering reviews.

Fans’ reaction

Users could not believe that the pictures actually showed the same Tom. “Did he get bitten by wasps?”, “He looked like a hamster,” “Someone clearly likes to eat after six ,” they joke on the Internet. People also tried to find out what was the reason for this metamorphosis. Some say that the actor overdid it with beauty injections, causing his face to swell. Others suggested he was taking steroids to bulk up. But neither Cruz himself nor his representatives comment.

It’s no secret that the actor takes great care of his appearance. He is a regular at beauty clinics and sometimes visits a plastic surgeon. That’s why it came as a shock to many that the star had neglected herself so much . His face was swollen, his skin took on an unhealthy glow, and his eyes narrowed. We’ve never seen Tom like this before.

Admit it, were you surprised by the changes in the actor’s appearance? Was it better before or do you like Cruise in any form? Be sure to write in the comments!

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