Country star Shania Twain was “ready to die” when she found out the father of her only son was having an affair with her best friend

Shania Twain opened up about the self-doubt she experienced regarding her body and the work she had to put in to accept and love herself again. The country star appeared in a revealing outfit at the CMT Music Awards, but fans thought she looked completely unrecognizable.

Shania Twain is a renowned country singer with millions of records sold worldwide. But, despite being in the public eye for most of her life, she confessed that she was haunted by self-doubt, especially regarding her appearance.

The country sensation confessed that she panicked about her changing body, but no one around her knew. She would look at herself in the mirror and be candid about how she felt in her body.

Shania Twain in Nashville, Tennessee in 2004 | Source: Getty Images

Twain even revealed that she sometimes switched off the lights because she only criticized herself whenever she saw her naked body. This was when she downed on her that she needed to face the music and work on accepting herself.

The singer admitted it was difficult, especially with the beauty standards surrounding women. But she realized that her body would constantly change, so she had to start being kind to herself and loving her body now.

The “You Are Still the One” singer confessed that at the peak of her fame in the 1990s, she used to work 15 hours, seven days a week. This led to her losing weight from not eating correctly. Her fatigue was so bad that Twain would slur her words when she sang.

Her health did not improve; the hitmaker was then diagnosed with Lyme disease and took six months to recover, which took an additional hit to her body.

But Twain did not stop working; she remembered getting to the point where she was passing out every three minutes. She was weak and struggled to hold the microphone, which gave her cramps. Still, the singer forced herself to finish her “Up!” tour.

Shania Twain in Austin Texas in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

She was aware of the amount of strain she was putting on her body and knew the best option was to take a break from performing, but she didn’t. In 2008, she lost control of her voice.

As much as Twain can still sing, she said she had to accept that her voice would never be the same again and that she might never perform some of her hits the same way. But since experiencing these changes, she said her recent music was the most honest and personal she had ever released.

In the spirit of embracing her body, the singer stunned at the CMT Music Awards in a fiery red cut-out gown that showed her hips. The dress had a sheer bodice and thigh-high slit.

She matched the red theme with her burnt orange hair and paired the look with platform black heels and diamond jewelry. Her makeup was also in the same color scheme; she wore dark pink eyeshadow and a peachy lip.

However, fans of the singer thought the outfit looked nothing like her. Several commenters said it took them a while to notice that it was Twain in the photograph. “I don’t recognize her face.” said one user, “She doesn’t look recognizable,” added another, “That doesn’t look like her at all,” the commenters continued.

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How Did Shania Find True Love with the Ex of Her Ex-husband’s Mistress?
While on the way to finding peace and happiness in the changes her body was experiencing, Twain was faced with another heartbreak.

Robert John Mutt Lange and Shania Twain in London in 2000 | Source: Getty Images

The singer discovered that after 14 years of marriage, her husband, Robert “Mutt” Langer, was having an affair with her best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

The betrayal of two people close to her made her feel as if she was “ready to die,” said Twain. She spoke more about the experience in her book “From This Moment On.”

Twain revealed that the news was broken to her by her friend’s husband, Frédéric Thiébaud. But the surprising twist was that the shared pain between the singer and Marie-Anne’s ex-husband led to them falling in love.

However, falling in love did not take away from the pain of how her marriage ended. The country star said she was in denial at first, and her ex-husband nor her friend did not give her an explanation. In fact, the two reportedly denied having an affair.

When Twain crossed paths with Marie-Anne, she did not have much to say besides, “You’re a bad person,” but that did not give her enough closure.

She decided to send her emails, and one read, “If you could see me crying and suffering, maybe you would have pity. Find love somewhere else from someone else that isn’t hurting two families so much.”

When it came to the connection between her and Thiébaud, Twain initially rejected it, but she quickly realized how intentional he was about his love for her.

She reiterated that the kind of connection they built was rare and only came along a few times in one lifetime. “We are a big part of each other’s healing,” she said.

Twain’s divorce was finalized in 2010, then she and Thiébaud married in 2011 on New Year’s Eve. Initially, the singer swore never to marry again, but she could not deny the comfort she felt with her current husband.

Moving to a Little Farm
Twain and Thiébaud now have an empty nest. The singer’s son Eja and Thiébaud’s daughter Johanna have now moved out, and life without the kids has felt like a second honeymoon for the couple.

The singer said they had bonded differently since having the house to themselves. As for her relationship with her ex-husband, Twain was proud of how well they co-parented.

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain in Canada in 2014 | Source: Getty Images

She revealed that Lange, a producer, helped her music career a lot, but she had learned to trust herself and has now reached a point where she does not need his help. But Twain crosses paths with him through their work because she, Eja, and Lange share a studio.

Twain is starting a new chapter and recently moved into her little farmhouse because she wanted her family to all be together, which included her horses and dogs.

She expressed that she’s been enjoying the process of making her house homely and getting a chance to take her animals with her to rehearsal. Twain has also given a glimpse of her property on Instagram and the massive land surrounding her.