Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Daughter, 21, Wears Her Pink Slip Dress from 1999 Looking like Mom’s Mini-Me

There’s something timeless about the bond between mother and daughter. This is especially true when it echoes through fashion. This was enchantingly captured when Carys Douglas, the 21-year-old daughter of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, celebrated her milestone birthday. Fans of the family soon commented on the sweet Instagram post that Carys shared.

Carys Douglas as seen in an April 22, 2024 Instagram post | Source: Instagram.com/carys.douglas/

Stepping into the spotlight with vintage flair, Carys Douglas recently donned her mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ pink slip dress from 1999. She wore the dress for her 21st birthday dinner, which she shared on Instagram.

Her Instagram post was captioned with heartfelt simplicity, “The most perfect 21st I could ask for!” It showcased the celebrations of her special day but also Carys basking in the legacy of her mother’s iconic style.

Carys Douglas as seen in an April 22, 2024 Instagram post | Source: Instagram.com/carys.douglas/

Through a series of photographs, we see Carys enjoying a birthday dinner with friends. She is seen blowing out her birthday candles and laughing with friends. In most of the photos, Carys is wearing a pink slip-dress. Her mother first wore the dress on the 1999 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Fans and followers loved the affectionate nod to her mother’s iconic fashion moment. The collective charm of the past meeting the present was not lost on the observers, who expressed their admiration. “Your mom’s dress?😍” one user commented.

Another left a heartfelt message, “Your mother’s dress this sweet Carys you’re so pretty!😘💖💞” Similarly, another posted, “OMG CZJ DRESS APPEARANCE,” while another commented, “carys! beautiful like her mother love u beautiful ❤️.” Rounding out the sentiments, one fan observed, “Stunning beautiful gorgeous grow woman, just like her mother 😍 x”

As fans marveled at the striking resemblance between Carys and her mother, Catherine Zeta-Jones took to social media to honor her daughter’s milestone.

She shared a series of images on Instagram—precious snapshots of Carys as a child and a recent portrait of the woman she has become.

Carys Douglas as seen in an April 21, 2024 Instagram post | Source: Instagram.com/catherinezetajones/

Her message was laden with emotion and pride: “Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter @carys.douglas You are the joy of my life. 21 years of watching you blossom into the most incredible woman you are today is a God-given gift that I never take for granted and cherish every day of my life. Thank you for being you. I love you with all my heart ♥️ Mama.”

Carys, touched by her mother’s words, replied affectionately, “I love you Mama ❤️ thank you for everything— I am so proud to be your daughter.” Her father, Michael Douglas also shared a birthday tribute. He shared a photograph that captured a candid moment between them. In the photo, Carys poses for a photo as he gazes on admiringly.

The image was aptly captioned, “Happy 21 my darling Carys! You bring me and the world such happiness @carys.douglas ❤️ Dad.” Carys responded to her father’s post with a sentiment that mirrored the love and appreciation evident in her mother’s tribute. “I love you so much Dadda! Thank you for being the best dad in the world ❤️,” she commented.

In a throwback to her childhood, Catherine offered a glimpse into Carys’s early years. The Instagram clip from a school concert showcased Carys amidst her peers, where, instead of singing, she gave the camera a wide-eyed look, a playful grimace, and then glanced away.

Carys may not have sung in that video, but Catherine has often spoken of her daughter’s many talents. She’s lauded Carys as a wonderful singer, actress, and musician, yet it is fashion that Carys holds dearest.

Michael has also shared insights into the joys of parenting, revealing how the process of watching Carys grow has been filled with wonder. He candidly remarked on the experience of being an empty nester alongside his wife, Catherine.

He shared, “We’re empty nesters so we can get around a lot more than we used to raising two children in your fifties, sixties, and into your seventies. I have to thank my kids, Dylan and Carys. They’re just extraordinary beings.”

Michael also thanked his wife for their kids. He continued, “They’ve just been a joy. We’ve had no issues per se. Had a lovely, lovely life together. Dylan is completely out of school now and Carys has got one more year of college.”

He reflected on their bond, “But they brought both Catherine and I, just a tremendous amount of joy.” Michael also humorously disclosed that enticing Carys and her brother Dylan with exciting trips has become a way to spend quality time together now that they are adults.

Michael has openly expressed the bittersweet sentiments that come with the children leaving home. With both children, Dylan and Carys, moving through the final stages of their education and into adulthood, he and Catherine have navigated their fifties, sixties, and seventies through the lens of parenthood.

He has shared how much of a “treat” it is to hang out with Carys and Dylan now that they are eager to spend time with him, rather than it being a parental obligation.

As Carys continues to forge her path, whether in fashion, the arts, or any other endeavor she chooses, she does so with the legacy of her parents’ accomplishments and the unwavering support of a family that delights in each other’s happiness.