Bruce Willis’s wife does not lose hope of curing Die Hard.

As you probably know, Bruce Willis is battling an incurable disease. Because of the latter, the star of the film “Die Hard” had to not only end his career, but also begin to lead a closed lifestyle. However, family and friends of celebrities do not give up. What Emma Heming told about her husband’s illness and what the model is ashamed of, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Emma Heming about her husband’s illness

Despite being diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, Bruce Willis’s family is clearly more comfortable than other families dealing with the disease. After all, as you know, the relatives of “Die Hard” are not just financially secure. For example, they can provide themselves with domestic staff and even a nurse. Numerous friends do not leave you in trouble, ready to lend a helping hand in such a difficult time.

“I struggle with guilt knowing that I have resources that others don’t have. I can always go for a walk to clear my head. It doesn’t escape me that not all care partners can do this ,” admitted Emma Heming, speaking about her husband’s illness.

In addition, one should not miss the fact that the family of Bruce Willis is not afraid to speak openly about the illness of the Hollywood blockbuster star. But, interestingly, for a long time the actor’s relatives did not fully understand what they were going through. So, Heming does not hide the fact that she had to weigh the pros and cons before sharing “a difficult chapter in her life story” with the world. And, interestingly, the model was right.

“It’s still a little-known disease.”

You see, thanks to this publicity, the Die Hard family has not only raised awareness of dementia among everyone who cares, but also learned how many people also struggle with this disease. “I know that there are many thousands of untold, unheard stories. Each of them deserves compassion and care. I want people to know that when I hear from another family affected by this, I hear our family’s same story of grief, loss and immense sadness that they have.”

It is worth noting that from the moment Bruce Willis was diagnosed, his family has learned a lot about dementia. At the same time, it is incredibly important not to lose hope of a celebrity’s recovery. Of course, finding a cure for something that has been practically unstudied is definitely difficult. But not impossible.

“Once we learned that Bruce was living with FTD, we were able to find specific information. The latter helped us understand the disease. This ultimately impacted our ability to support Bruce better and more effectively. FTD is the most common form of young-onset dementia. It can appear between 20 and 80 years of age. But it is still a little-known disease. So much so that making an accurate diagnosis is often a long process ,” Emma Heming shared in a conversation with reporters.

One of the pioneers in the search for a cure for dementia is Dr. Bruce Miller from the UCSF Medical Center. According to Emma, ​​the man and his colleagues are already at the stage of clinical trials. “It is time for our community to take action to end this disease.” We can only hope that specialists will be able to save many lives.